You, the sandbox adventurer; and you, the expert who can survive in the most extreme conditions (and even drink your own... uh... well, you know): don’t leave for Moon Island without your Smisse Odvaizor travel guide! It might just save your life...

After the city of Bonta, with its paved streets and glitzy boutiques, you need a taste of something a bit more exotic.

Not the kind of thing some random tourist might check out while strolling around in his shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops with a Citronana ice-cream cone in hand, no sir!

The kind of thing that bites, scratches and itches like crazy. The kind that creeps into your tent after dark and crawls under your blanket. The kind with so much overgrowth that you can’t find your way, and that surprises you with strange local customs that involve hanging you from a bamboo pole like a plump little piglet... That’s right, you’re headed to Moon Island!

“...for we are explorers on Moon Island!”

These appear to be the last words scribbled by the famous reporter Quinquin on a page ripped out of a journal. It was found in the journalist’s abandoned campsite, which had since been ransacked. This short phrase and the circumstances in which it was found neatly summarize the strange mixture of excitement and fear that is so typical of this primitive island.

In the juuuungle, the scaaaary juuuungle, the Moon will bite, toniiiiiight!

There you are, completely at one with nature, with its lush and generous greenery, its fantastic and colorful creatures. “Oooh!”, “Aaaah!”: that’s always how it starts. Then a few cries of “Let’s get out of here!” and “I want my mommy!”, just before the screaming starts.

Welcome to the jungle!

Kanniball Village

The natives of Moon Island are always eager to welcome visitors of all kinds. They’ll kidnap you while you sleep or maybe even in the middle of the day... after all, nobody can really stop them. And yes, the Kanniballs might seem scary with their strange masks, but once you get to know them, they’re actually even worse! If you’re lucky, you may get a chance to see a bit of dinner theatre here: while part of the tribe performs a ritual dance, others will be preparing your side dishes (the ones you’ll be nestled up next to on the plate in a succulent stew). We guarantee that you’ll have vivid memories of your stay here for the rest of your short life.

Moon’s Lair

Of all the incautious travelers who get themselves captured by the Kanniballs, only a lucky few will have the honor to be offered up to their god: Moon. Few adventurers can report what his lair looks like, and fewer still can say what goes on behind that enormous portal. But it might be a good idea to dress nicely, just in case...

More excerpts from the Smisse Odvaizor travel guide are coming soon!

Until then, focus on getting back from Moon Island in one piece!

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Hello. My name is Odvaizor Smisse. My family has been working in the travel and tourism industry for nearly 500 years. As far back as the Dofus era, my great-great-great-great-great-great… er… my ancestor, Charlie Endstown-Smisse, ran the largest travel agency in the Krosmoz – the famous Charlie's Agents agency.

Today, my mission is to collect and share useful travel tips from beginner and expert travelers, just for you. Each and every Smisse Odvaizor travel guide contains thousands of travel-related reviews and tips from customers in inns, taverns, restaurants, leisure spots, sporting activities and more in the cities and regions of the World of Twelve.

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