To celebrate the Super Gobbowl, held on Maysial 15th, a new pet will be appearing on the fields of the World of Twelve: please welcome Snailmate! While Pandawas spend most of their time getting roundly drunk, Snailmate has the more reassuring roundness of a Gobbowl ball. Pick him up in our flash sale from now until May 19th!

Our buddy Snailmate is really on a roll! Don’t miss your chance to hang out with a pet who’s always got plenty of goodwill (as in, he literally gives you a bonus of +5 to your Will). Go adventuring with him and you’re sure to have a ball!

Don’t leave this newcomer all alone in the shop: adopt him during our flash sale from now until May 19th 11:59 PM (Paris time) for just 4,500 OG!