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Online game 25% Off Services! Shop - January 23, 2021
As part of the winter sale, from Saturday, January 23 through Sunday, January 24, all services available in the online store will be 25% off! If you're bold enough, seize the chance to start anew!

They're the icing on the humble pie. The grand finale. The coup de grâce… sometimes delivered gracefully, other times not so much. Yeah, you know what we're talking about… Finishers, of course! Have you let a few of them get past you? Well, now they're coming back for your in-game pleasure (and to your opponents' chagrin)!

Hold on tight, because an avalanche of good deals is falling right on top of you! It's winter sale** season in the Ankama Shop, and you're bound to find something cool!

Online game Running on Wings Shop - January 14, 2021

Did the winged runs for Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia make your stomach flutter like a thousand moskitos? Did you love displaying your love for your country? Now, you can take things even further with a truly lyrical winged run for the World of Twelve as a whole with the Wakfu Wing Run!

A page is turning, and a new chapter is about to be written… But before diving head-first into 2021, we invite you to take a quick look in the rear-view mirror! Let's take some time (the length of a video) to remember, together, the things that most strongly marked the year 2020.

Online game An Explosion of Pack… Shop - January 07, 2021

Now they're back! Freer and more independent than ever… Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items from "God Packs" and are offering you them for sale individually and permanently! 

A new chapter begins… To celebrate the new year, WAKFU has put all the little boxes into a big one: everybody gets a Rubik's Cube Mystery Box for free! Come pick up yours from the online shop while you can!

Online game Boss Smasher: Royal Gobball Event - December 31, 2020

To start the new year, we're sending you up against the noblest of Gobballs! At the end of this new Boss Smasher, will he be jumping for joy or wallowing in defeat…? Wool-d you like to find out? Then get shearing!

The countdown has begun: Xelor is all wound up! While the god of time is making the final preparations for the big night of the Clockwork Ball, things are also getting festive in WAKFU! How would you like to start the year with some bonus XP?

All backers for the Wakfu Season 4 Kickstarter campaign can now use the code that was emailed to them!

This year we've placed a little present underneath your Itzting! It's… Well, it looks like… You know… Yeah! It's like… But also… Nevermind, just go ahead and open it! Follow the instructions in the article below to get your present! 

Online game Kwismas Sleigh Skin Shop - December 17, 2020

Soon enough, he'll be roaming the skies aboard his magnificent, unique sleigh that's packed with presents. His reindeer galloping across the starry night with all their grace and magic. And you'll look up at him, your heart filled with joy and excitement. But with jealousy too!

Some say it went plip, plop, splash. Others that it was more of a shabam and a shaboom. At any rate, there's something unheard of in Shhhudoku Kingdom. Update 1.70 is live – log in to the game now!

Online game Whisperer Pack Shop - December 08, 2020

It's nearly time for you to explore the Shhhudoku Kingdom. Its Murmoors, its tundra, its ice floe… There's something unique about that mysterious place. Just like you. So, before taking the plunge, pick up a pack that will help you stay afloat!

Update 1.70 is about to wash up on the World of Twelve. This otherworldly update is several megapods and carved into stone. But it'll take more than that to scare off an adventurer of your caliber, right…?

Just as mercilessly as in previous years, it's getting ready to slash the price of the first stuffed toy or DVD it happens to see. That's right, Black Friday is back from December 3 through 7!

Online game Boss Smasher: Pandora Event - November 27, 2020

Does the mere thought of your recent encounter with Mamagmote make your head hurt? Well, at least you can empathize with the boss in the next smasher, who's nursing a hangover after reaching adulthood… Pandora awaits: head on over to the Pandissident Village!

Ankama would like to invite you to the second edition of its exceptional conference: KrosmoNote! Join us on our Twitch channel on December 3. Looks like Christmas is coming early, you lucky devils…

The recent study from NIKO (the Nosy Institute of Krosmic Opinion) has yielded some indisputable results. Their list of the World of Twelve's most coveted items is topped by those extraordinary eggs known as Dofus. But you already knew that, right? And running a very close second are…? Right again: dragons! Good job. Well, guess what? Now's your chance to adopt one (or six)!

The multi-game portal that combines all our PC/Mac titles is destined to become much more. Witness the beginnings of video on demand in the Ankama Launcher!

Find out all about what's new by catching up with WAKFU Live!

Today through November 26, when you buy a Booster 7 day, you'll get 7 days for free*. If you do the math, it's worth it! That adds up to 14 days of playtime (for the clueless Iops out there). Don't miss out!

Have you always dreamed of looking like Jenry Hones, Jr., Laura Craft and their archaosologist peers? If so, there's no need to go sweeping the ground with a tiny brush, play with fossils, put yourself in danger for a piece of rock, or spend hours with your nose in musty books! A snazzy Archaosologist Costume will do the trick! 

Online game Beta 1.70 Is Now Online! Info - November 10, 2020

The new Shhhudoku Kingdom is open to beta testers from today. Muster your thirst for discovery and attention to detail in order to give us your precious feedback.