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214 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Admihurl Set Admihurl Set Admiral EphurlettesAdmiral HurlplateAdmiral Hurl BeltAdmiral Hurlmet Lvl 63
Adventurer Set Adventurer Set Adventurer CloakAdventurer BootsAdventurer BeltAdventure AmuletAdventurer HelmetAdventure Ring Lvl 24
Airhead Set Airhead Set Swollen AmuletBlow-Up ShortsPuffy HelmetInflatable Armbands Lvl 108
Alpha Predator Set Alpha Predator Set Alpha Predator AmuletAlpha Predator RingAlpha Predator BeltAlpha Predator Helmet Lvl 49
Ancestral Treechnid Set Ancestral Treechnid Set Ancestral Treechnid Boots Lvl 62
Apprentice Set Apprentice Set Apprentice CapeApprentice HelmApprentice AmuletApprentice ShieldApprentice BootsApprentice EpaulettesApprentice BreastplateApprentice RingApprentice Belt Lvl 95
Arachnoshima Set Arachnoshima Set Plutoni HelmPlatoniumBoatox BootsThe PhosphorescentFluo RingToxy Cloak Lvl 77
Ashen Set Ashen Set HotpantsBoiling BootsBannerash Lvl 198
Azael's Twin Daggers Set Azael's Twin Daggers Set Azael's Second Twin DaggerAzael's First Twin Dagger Lvl 100
Badgerox Set Badgerox Set Tooth-DusterTorsehairSlimy Rockett HeadgearArchaic Pendant Lvl 191
Beach Set Beach Set Beach SandalsBeach FloatsBeach TowelBeach Hat Lvl 109
Black Crow Set Black Crow Set Black Crow's HelmetBlack Crow's EpaulettesBlack Crow's CloakBlack Crow's Boots Lvl 105
Black Iop Set Black Iop Set Black Iop BootsBlack Iop EpaulettesBlack Iop HelmetBlack Iop Cape Lvl 1
Blackspore Set Blackspore Set Floral SporingPoroplastSporettesMushmantle Lvl 140
Black Wabbit Set Black Wabbit Set Black Wabbit AmulenewgyBlack Wabbit UndewweawBlack Wabbit PawsBlack Wabbit Bandana Lvl 139
Black Widow Set Black Widow Set Black Widow BootsBlack Widow CloakBlack Widow RingBlack Widow ClaspBlack Widow Amulet Lvl 78
Bloodthirsty Set Bloodthirsty Set Raging EpaulettesRaging RingRaging AmuletRaging Belt Lvl 161
Blue Piwi Set Blue Piwi Set Blue GooguletBlue CapiwinBlue Piwi BeltBlue Piwi Claw SlippersBlue Piwat Lvl 24
Boohemoth Set Boohemoth Set Boohemoth BootsBoohemoth HeadgearBoohemoth EpaulettesBoohemoth Cloak Lvl 108
Boowolf Set Boowolf Set Boowish EpaulettesBoowish BootsBoowish HatBoowish Belt Lvl 77
Boss Croco Set Boss Croco Set Nyl BeltNyl EpaulettesNyl CrownNyl Flag Lvl 185
Bow Meow Set Bow Meow Set Bow Meow PawsBow Meow Tail Bow Meow Ears Lvl 12
Bum Set Bum Set Bum BreastplateBum BootsBum Cloak Lvl 42
Bwork Set Bwork Set Patched Bwork BreastplateGreasy Bwork HelmetBrown Bwork CapeSeeping Bwork Boots Lvl 62