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214 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Guawd Set Guawd Set Gauwd CloakGuawd TogaGauwd EpaulettesGuawd Helmet Lvl 153
Genetically Modified Set Genetically Modified Set Genetically Modified EpaulettesGenetically Modified BeltGenetically Modified BootsGenetically Modified Cloak Lvl 154
Wobotic Set Wobotic Set Wobotic Back-up UndewweawWobot MedalWobot GlassesWoboots Lvl 155
High Priestess Sydonia Set High Priestess Sydonia Set High Priestess HatHigh Priestess EpaulettesHigh Priestess BeltHigh Priestess BootsHigh Priestess Pendant Lvl 155
Zwombbit Set Zwombbit Set Boney Zwombbit EpaulettesZwombbit TorsoBoney Zwombbit PawsBoney Zwombbit Claw Lvl 155
Wa Wabbit Set Wa Wabbit Set Wa Wabbit's AwmbandsWa Wabbit's CloakWa Wabbit's CorsetWa Wabbit's Cwown Lvl 155
Solkrupt the Shadow-Eater Set Solkrupt the Shadow-Eater Set Solkruptian StareSolkrupt's ShadowThe Shadow EatersThe tight shadow Lvl 155
Enurado Set Enurado Set Enurado BeltEnurado Chest PlateEnurado Shoulder PadsEnurado Amulet Lvl 155
Cledus 'Onist the Key-Keeper Set Cledus 'Onist the Key-Keeper Set Cledus'CoveredCledus'TightOnist AmuletOnist Cloak Lvl 155
Srambad Set Srambad Set Srambad MaskSrambad AmuletSrambad Shoulder PadsSrambad Chest Plate Lvl 155
Vine Set Vine Set IvypaulettesGrapuletPlastrunkRooted BootsGrapedye Lvl 155
Bloodthirsty Set Bloodthirsty Set Raging EpaulettesRaging RingRaging AmuletRaging Belt Lvl 161
Carnage Set Carnage Set Frenzied RingFrenzied BootsFrenzied BreastplateFrenzied Headgear Lvl 168
Traditional Set Traditional Set Classic BeltShared EpaulettesOrdinary HatTraditional Shoes Lvl 170
Support ID 170 Set Support ID 170 Set WeighmetWeighmetUnifUnifPegsPegsCrunchersCrunchersCrunchersZerdAttentiveListenerListenerEmbrastronEmbrastronEmbrastron Lvl 170
Pasts Set Pasts Set SouvenirScarMemoryThoughts Lvl 170
Defender ID 170 Set Defender ID 170 Set MastmetMastmetMastmetCadrapeCadrapeLicotsLicotsRockersRockersRockersForemastGainwearOfftowarOfftowarTulipaTulipa Lvl 170
Bygone Set Bygone Set ArmoretroBootanicsAncient HatPast Cloak Lvl 170
Setsclusive Setsclusive HattackMeteorologicloakTime-X BeltOriginal Breastplate Lvl 170
Steel Beak Set Steel Beak Set Steel Beak BreastplateSteel Beak EpaulettesSteel Beak BeltSteel Beak HelmSteel Beak CapeSteel Beak BootsSteel Beak RingSteel Beak Amulet Lvl 170
Warrior ID 170 Set Warrior ID 170 Set BuzzcutterBuzzcutterHeaveeHeaveeHeaveeCrybabiesCrybabiesSolesPromisringPassaroundPassaroundPlaytingPlaytingBull-It ProofBull-It ProofBull-It Proof Lvl 170
Crocodyl Set Crocodyl Set De Nyl GirdleDe Nyl BootsDe Nyl CloakDe Nyl Amulet Lvl 185
Tropical Set Tropical Set TropicaleiTropical BeltTropical EpaulettesTropical Shirt Lvl 185
Kannivore Set Kannivore Set Kannivore TalismanKannivore RingKannivore BootsKannivore Cape Lvl 185