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214 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Larduous Set Larduous Set Larduous EpaulettesLarduous BootsLarduous HatLarduous Breastplate Lvl 123
Silmawhirly Set Silmawhirly Set Silmawhirly CapeSilmawhirly BreastplateSilmawhirly BootsSilmawhirlfriend Lvl 123
Polar Crackler Set Polar Crackler Set Polar BeltPolar BreastplatePolar AmuletPolar Headgear Lvl 124
Meka Set Meka Set Mecha-HelmetMecha-EpaulettesMecha-Cloak Lvl 124
Castuc Set Castuc Set CactabroochEcactettesPrickelbackCactaboots Lvl 124
Initiate Set Initiate Set Initiate AmuletInitiate RingInitiate EpaulettesInitiate ShieldInitiate BeltInitiate HelmInitiate BootsInitiate CapeInitiate Breastplate Lvl 125
Pandawan Set Pandawan Set Pandawan BeltPandawan KimonoPandawan Hat Lvl 125
Dragon Pig Set Dragon Pig Set Dragon Pig BreastplateDragon Pig WingletsDragon Pig TrottersDragon Pig Helmet Lvl 125
Ponktius Set Ponktius Set Ponktius TorsoPonktius's CloakPonktius HelmetPonktius Belt Lvl 125
Drheller Set Drheller Set Drhellic HelmetDrhellingtonsDrhellic CapeDrhellic Epaulettes Lvl 129
Drhellzerker Set Drhellzerker Set Drhellzerker RingDrhellzerker CapeDrhellzerker BootsDrhellzerker Epaulettes Lvl 137
Wabbit Set Wabbit Set Wabbit StampewWabbit PawsWabbit CoatWabbit Mask Lvl 138
Lenald Set Lenald Set Lenald Maltial Alt BeltLenald TabiLenald KimonoLenald Neal-muffs Lvl 139
Black Wabbit Set Black Wabbit Set Black Wabbit AmulenewgyBlack Wabbit UndewweawBlack Wabbit PawsBlack Wabbit Bandana Lvl 139
Empelol Set Empelol Set EmplolettesEmpelol's CloakEmpelol's LingEmpelol's Breastplate Lvl 140
Emiw Set Emiw Set Emiw ShoesEmiw WingEmiw BeawdEmiw Amulet Lvl 140
Gwand Viziew Set Gwand Viziew Set Gwand Viziew's CloakGwand Viziew SandalsGwand Viziew AmuletGwand Viziew's Beawd Lvl 140
Sugnuf of Gillamush Set Sugnuf of Gillamush Set Sugnuf's PearlsCollective PensivantSugnuf BootsSugnuf Torso Lvl 140
Support ID 140 Set Support ID 140 Set CondottiereDutivresDutivresUvinsUvinsUvinsSloggersSloggersLieuteStubburnStubburnMedalMedalMedalLightionnaireLightionnaire Lvl 140
Sage Set Sage Set Sage EpaulettesSage CapeSage HelmSage BootsSage AmuletSage BeltSage BreastplateSage ShieldSage Ring Lvl 140
Blackspore Set Blackspore Set Floral SporingPoroplastSporettesMushmantle Lvl 140
Warrior ID 140 Set Warrior ID 140 Set CoverfireCoverfireCoverfireHudredHudredHoplitesHoplitesWareesWareesMirtTayupTykTykTykDderdDderd Lvl 140
Defender ID 140 Set Defender ID 140 Set BraynrBraynrSaylSaylSaylOppressorsLufasLufasGnawPerstisPerstisPerstisEmemEmemThguorwThguorw Lvl 140
Zinit Set Zinit Set Zinit BootsZinit HatZinit CloakZinit Amulet Lvl 153