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214 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Krotector Set Krotector Set Krotector EpaulettesKrotector Cloak Krotector Torso Krotector Helmet Lvl 100
Kroraging Set Kroraging Set Kroraging Epaulettes Kroraging Cloak Kroraging TorsoKroraging Helmet Lvl 100
Gobbalrog Set Gobbalrog Set Gobbalrog CloakGobbalrog BeltGobbalrog BootsGobbalrog Helmet Lvl 105
Black Crow Set Black Crow Set Black Crow's HelmetBlack Crow's EpaulettesBlack Crow's CloakBlack Crow's Boots Lvl 105
Royal Jelly Set Royal Jelly Set Royal SmoothettesRoyal GumbootsRoyal Kir-RingRoyalty Crown Lvl 107
YeCh'Ti'Wawa Set YeCh'Ti'Wawa Set YeCh'Ti'Wawa EpaulettesYeCh'Ti'Wawa's BeltYeCh'Ti'Wawa BreastplateYeCh'Ti'Wawa Amulet Lvl 107
Whisperer Set Whisperer Set Whispered CloakWhispered BeltWhispered HelmetWhispered Breastplate Lvl 108
Jelly Set Jelly Set Blue Raspberry Jelly BubbootsMint Jelly BreastplateStrawberry Jelly HeadgearLemon Jelly Amulet Lvl 108
Hushed Set Hushed Set Hushed BreastplateHushed AmuletHushed CrownHushed BeltHushed Cloak Lvl 108
Boohemoth Set Boohemoth Set Boohemoth BootsBoohemoth HeadgearBoohemoth EpaulettesBoohemoth Cloak Lvl 108
Airhead Set Airhead Set Swollen AmuletBlow-Up ShortsPuffy HelmetInflatable Armbands Lvl 108
Beach Set Beach Set Beach SandalsBeach FloatsBeach TowelBeach Hat Lvl 109
White Crow Set White Crow Set White Crow WingsWhite Crow BeltWhite Crow BreastplateWhite Crow Hackle Lvl 110
Support ID 110 Set Support ID 110 Set BracksBracksFethrwaitFethrwaitImuniesImuniesBarbusBarbusFelinDivowtDivowtErnalErnalJaque Lvl 110
Magmog Set Magmog Set Magmog FeetMagmog HaloMagmog CloakMagmog Clinkers Lvl 110
Rampart Set Rampart Set Rampart BeltRampart BootsRampart CloakRampart EpaulettesRampart Amulet Lvl 110
Defender ID 110 Set Defender ID 110 Set CraydlCraydlElishSheltsSheltsBorbasBorbasCommancheZeelZeelBananeerBananeerGambisonGambison Lvl 110
Warrior ID 110 Set Warrior ID 110 Set CeasfiCeasfiLimLimFayversFayversBurbosBurbosFalotPersis BeltPersis BeltOrtkelkohsBrigandineBrigandine Lvl 110
Snowfoux Set Snowfoux Set Snowfoux LegsSnowfoux CloakSnowfoux Helmet Lvl 110
Whirly Set Whirly Set Whirly HelmetWhirly EpaulettesWhirly BootsWhirligig Breastplate Lvl 115
Hagen Daz Set Hagen Daz Set Hagen Daz's HelmetHagen Daz's EpaulettesHagen Daz AmuletHagen Daz's Armor Lvl 120
Icecast Bone Set Icecast Bone Set Icecast Bone AmuletIcecast Bone RingIcecast Bone BootsIcecast Bone Breastplate Lvl 122
Sylargh Set Sylargh Set Sylargh's BeltSylargh's EpaulettesSylargh's AmuletSylargh's Boots Lvl 122
Necroforged Set Necroforged Set Necroforged RingNecroforged BootsNecroforged CloakNecroforged Belt Lvl 122