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221 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Black Widow Set Black Widow Set Black Widow BootsBlack Widow CloakBlack Widow RingBlack Widow ClaspBlack Widow Amulet Lvl 78
Raskaw Set Raskaw Set Raskaw ShoulderguardsRaskaw ClawsRaskaw HelmetRaskaw Wings Lvl 79
Monastery Rat Set Monastery Rat Set Hairy Rat HeadbandHairy Rat RingHairy Rat BeltRat CollaraHairy Rat Tail Lvl 80
Rattagain Set Rattagain Set Rattagain BootsRattagain BreastplateRattagain AmuletRattagain Headgear Lvl 80
K-800 Set K-800 Set K-ApeK-BootK-BandK-Plate Lvl 80
Warrior ID 80 Set Warrior ID 80 Set ConstableConstableBeligerantFablesFablesInfuntreeInfuntreeEcnal LaroprocDevotedDevotedPooshPooshDleihsDleihs Lvl 80
Gobbsage Set Gobbsage Set Gobbsage Epaulettes Gobbsage CapeGobbsage StringGobbsage Breastplate Gobbsage Helmet Lvl 80
Excarnus Set Excarnus Set Excarnus VeilExcarnus HoovesExcarnus's CrystalExcarnus Fleece Lvl 80
Phosphorescent Set Phosphorescent Set Phosphorescent BreastplatePhosphorescent RingPhosphorescent AmuletPhosphorescent Boots Lvl 80
Korbot Pig Set Korbot Pig Set KorbotaulettesKorbeltKorbothelmKorbotmulet Lvl 80
Support ID 80 Set Support ID 80 Set GorgetGorgetMaylMaylAlforsAlforsStrassesStrassesZlugBelegianceBelegianceAspirantDubletDublet Lvl 80
Defender ID 80 Set Defender ID 80 Set CasmuntCasmuntCommodoreCommodoreTryxHaiydesHaiydesLaroprocDiljensDiljensCampoCampoSurcotSurcot Lvl 80
Milimoowolf Set Milimoowolf Set Milimoowolf HeadgearMilimoowolf FleeceMilimoowolf BraceletMilimoowolf Amulet Lvl 90
Enraged Tofu Set Enraged Tofu Set Enraged Tofu AmuletEnraged Tofu Belt Lvl 91
Trool Set Trool Set Trool ScalpBeltroolTrool Boots Lvl 92
Nun Set Nun Set Nun CloakWimpleIron CrossNun BlouseNunnish Doily Lvl 92
Celestial Strich Set Celestial Strich Set Celestial Strich Cape Lvl 92
Queen Schnek Set Queen Schnek Set Queen Schnek EpaulettesQueen Schnek ShawlQueen Schnek TalismanQueen Schnek Belt Lvl 93
Oyster Set Oyster Set Oyster RingOyster BeltOyster OxtersOyster Cloak Lvl 93
Sand Set Sand Set Sand CloakSand HoppersSand BreastplateSand Ring Lvl 93
El Pochito Set El Pochito Set El Pochito MaskEl Pochito Pixie BootsEl Pochito RingEl Pochito ThongEl Pochito Cloak Lvl 93
Patched Set Patched Set Zoogey FurAmicalandsPawsteinMask of Dread Lvl 94
Vampyro Set Vampyro Set Vampyro's BootsShadofang RingVampyro's HeadgearVampyro's CapeVampyro's Belt Lvl 94
Imperial Trool Set Imperial Trool Set Imperial Trool EpaulettesImperial Trool BreastplateImperial Trool HelmetImperial Trool Belt Lvl 94