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Name Composition Level
Trouble Set Trouble Set Breastplate of TroubleHat of TroubleCloak of TroubleBoots of TroubleRing of Trouble Lvl 32
Green Piwi Set Green Piwi Set Green Piwi BeltGreen PiwatGreen GooguletGreen Piwi Claw SlippersGreen Capiwin Lvl 32
Zora Set Zora Set Zora's TunicZora's GloveZora's AmuletZora's HelmetZora's CloakZora's Boots Lvl 34
Purple Piwi Set Purple Piwi Set Purple GooguletPurple Piwi BeltPurple CapiwinPurple PiwatPurple Piwi Claw Slippers Lvl 34
Tough Hero Set Tough Hero Set Tough Hero BreastplateTough Hero EpaulettesTough Hero BeltTough Hero HelmTough Hero CapeTough Hero BootsTough Hero RingTough Hero Amulet Lvl 36
Mushdskito Set Mushdskito Set Moskito Amulet Lvl 39
Kapow Set Kapow Set Kapow RingKapow ThongsKapow BeltKapow BreastplateKapow Helmet Lvl 39
Lil Challenger Set Lil Challenger Set Lil Challenger CloakLil Challenger BeltLil Challenger BootsLil Challenger Mask Lvl 40
Bum Set Bum Set Bum BreastplateBum BootsBum Cloak Lvl 42
Crackler Set Crackler Set Crackly BootsCrackly RingCrackly EpaulettesCrackly Helmet Lvl 47
Cristalline Set Cristalline Set BootlesWameuPhilosopher EpaulettesResurrected Cape Lvl 48
Carnivore Set Carnivore Set Carnivore AmuletCarnivore BreastplateCarnivore EpaulettesCarnivore CapeCarnivore HatCarnivore Ring Lvl 48
Stone Cold Set Stone Cold Set Stone Cold BootsStone Cold HelmetStone Cold CloakStone Cold RingStone Cold Breastplate Lvl 48
Magmacrak Set Magmacrak Set Magmacrak BootsMagmacrak BreastplateMagmacrak CloakMagmacrak Ring Lvl 48
Alpha Predator Set Alpha Predator Set Alpha Predator AmuletAlpha Predator RingAlpha Predator BeltAlpha Predator Helmet Lvl 49
Krolevel Set Krolevel Set Krolevel EpaulettesKrolevel CloakKrolevel TorsoKrolevel Helmet Lvl 50
Tenacious Hero Set Tenacious Hero Set Tenacious Hero BreastplateTenacious Hero EpaulettesTenacious Hero BeltTenacious Hero HelmTenacious Hero CapeTenacious Hero BootsTenacious Hero RingTenacious Hero Amulet Lvl 51
Justice Set Justice Set Justice BreastplateJustice Epaulettes Lvl 51
Selachii Set Selachii Set FinsScalpachiiThe SharkapeSelachii Ring Lvl 55
Mollusky Set Mollusky Set The MussamuletWadersMollusky BreastplateClammy Epaulettes Lvl 56
Wild Gobball Set Wild Gobball Set Woolly Boots Lvl 58
Wild Gobball Boss Set Wild Gobball Boss Set Great Wild Gobball Ring Great Wild Gobball Cape Great Wild Gobball Amulet Lvl 62
Exotic Set Exotic Set Exotic RingExotic LoinclothExotic CloakExotic EpaulettesExotic Headgear Lvl 62
Ancestral Treechnid Set Ancestral Treechnid Set Ancestral Treechnid Boots Lvl 62