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301 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Cloudy Piwi Set Cloudy Piwi Set Cloudy Piwi BeltCloudy PiwibootsCloudy PiwibodyCloudy EpiwilettesCloudy Piwi CapeCloudy Piwat Lvl 20
Imperial Gobball Set Imperial Gobball Set Imperial Gobball RingImperial Gobball HelmetImperial Gobball EpaulettesImperial Gobball Breastplate Lvl 20
Imperial Tofu Set Imperial Tofu Set Imperial Tofu CloakImperial Tofu BootsImperial Tofu BeltImperial Tofu Amulet Lvl 20
Tofulix Set Tofulix Set Helvy's EpaulettesThe SwordexThe Levy LupWakfu Headgear Lvl 20
Imperial Shin Larva Set Imperial Shin Larva Set Imperial Shin Larva CloakImperial Shin Larva AmuletImperial Shin Larva BreastplateImperial Shin Larva BootsImperial Shin Larva EpaulettesImperial Shin Larva Hat Lvl 20
Three Pistes Three Pistes Three Pistes HelmetThree Pistes SandalsThree Pistes BreastplateThree Pistes' Epaulettes Lvl 20
Gobbowler Set Gobbowler Set Gobbowler BreastplateGobbowler HelmetGobbowler BootsGobbowler Epaulettes Lvl 21
Strich Set Strich Set Black HoleStrichplateEstrichettesBootrichesTrutru Lvl 22
Prespic Set Prespic Set Prespic EpaulettesPrespic BeltPrespic HatPrespic Cloak Lvl 23
Albatrocious Set Albatrocious Set AtroashabeltAtroashahatAtroashacloakAlbatrepaulettes Lvl 23
Scara Set Scara Set ScarpaulettesScarahatScaracapeScarabeltScararing Lvl 23
Bellaphone Set Bellaphone Set BellafleeceTrembella BeltBellemetBelle Ring Lvl 23
Strawcrow Set Strawcrow Set Strawcrow HatStrawcrow EpaulettesStrawcrow BeltStrawcrow Cloak Lvl 23
Half-Hero Set Half-Hero Set Half-Hero BreastplateHalf-Hero EpaulettesHalf-Hero BeltHalf-Hero HelmetHalf-Hero CloakHalf-Hero BootsHalf-Hero RingHalf-Hero Amulet Lvl 23
Moogrr Set Moogrr Set MoogrrplateMoogrringMoogrramuletMoogrr Boots Lvl 23
Avatar Set Avatar Set Avatar HelmetAvatar EpaulettesAvatar BootsAvatar Cloak Lvl 23
Celestial Piwi Set Celestial Piwi Set Celestial PiwibootsCelestial PiwibodyCelestial EpiwilettesCelestial Piwi CapeCelestial Piwat Lvl 23
Blibli Set Blibli Set Blibli EpaulettesBlibli BeltBlibli CloakBlibli BootsBlibli Helmet Lvl 23
Adventurer Set Adventurer Set Adventurer CloakAdventurer BootsAdventurer BeltAdventure AmuletAdventurer HelmetAdventure Ring Lvl 24
Blue Piwi Set Blue Piwi Set Blue GooguletBlue CapiwinBlue Piwi BeltBlue Piwi Claw SlippersBlue Piwat Lvl 24
Destiny Set Destiny Set Headgear of DestinyBreastplate of DestinyEpaulettes of DestinyBoots of DestinyBelt of Destiny Lvl 24
Cwab Set Cwab Set CwabwingCwabaulettesCrabbeltClawcapCwabacape Lvl 24
Respite Set Respite Set Belt of RespiteAmulet of RespiteHat of RespiteEpaulettes of Respite Lvl 27
Red Piwi Set Red Piwi Set Red PiwatRed Piwi BeltRed CapiwinRed Piwi Claw SlippersRed Googulet Lvl 27