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301 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Dreggon Set Dreggon Set EggstplateEgg HeadDreggon BootsEggband Lvl 192
Mineral Set Mineral Set Seismic CoatCultivated HelmetDustiesCrusts Lvl 197
Volcanic Set Volcanic Set Round Seal of Sor'HonSohbeltSor'HombreroEye of Sor'Hon Lvl 198
Furiox Set Furiox Set Furiox TorsoFuriox HelmetFuriox BootsFuriox Cape Lvl 198
Ashen Set Ashen Set HotpantsBoiling BootsBannerash Lvl 198
Poach Set Poach Set Pocket BeltPoached CloakPocket HeadgearPoached Epaulettes Lvl 198
Primordial Set Primordial Set Grougalorasalar SkullAerafal’s WingsTerrakourial's PawsDardondakal FangAguabrial ScalesIgnemikhal Claws Lvl 200
Support ID 200 Set Support ID 200 Set DingDingFuzzuffilyShtingsShtingsTaksTaksTaksFuopContractabeltContractabeltContractabeltKa-BlingKa-BlingSplurgeSplurge Lvl 200
Shadow Set Shadow Set Worn to a ShadowHorned HeadgearCape HillaryShademailHooklettes Lvl 200
Dragon Set Dragon Set Dragon Shin GuardsDragon HelmDragon CoatDragon ArmorDragon Epaulettes Lvl 200
Unearthed Set Unearthed Set Agony's JewelNecrotized FabricsGeodeBerylls Lvl 200
Warrior ID 200 Set Warrior ID 200 Set NelvaKrageKrageLumenettesLumenettesLumenettesLarzinesLarzinesBeechnuuutBelticBelticBelticRoxRoxBrohBroh Lvl 200
Defender ID 200 Set Defender ID 200 Set CastlemetCastlemetCloagrippenCloagrippenRubicundsRubicundsRubicundsGrenatinesGrenatinesGrenatinesFeldsparDiemeterDiemeterTrisaphTrisaphGooolden Lvl 200