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221 items matched your criteria
Name Composition Level
Water Festival Set (Female) Water Festival Set (Female) Water Festival HeadpieceWater Festival BustierWater Festival Sandals Lvl 1
Red Iop Set Red Iop Set Red Iop BootsRed Iop EpaulettesRed Iop HelmetRed Iop Cape Lvl 1
Chaos Set Chaos Set Chaos CloakChaos HatChaos Boots Lvl 1
Novice Set Novice Set Novice HatNovice CloakNovice ShieldNovice Sword Lvl 1
Water Festival Set (Male) Water Festival Set (Male) Water Festival BandanaWater Festival ShirtWater Festival Boots Lvl 1
Mishell Set Mishell Set Giant Mishell NecklaceMishell EpaulettesMishell MaskMishell Fur Coat Lvl 1
Elya Wood Set Elya Wood Set Elya Wood's CloakElya Wood's HatElya Wood's Boots Lvl 1
Fleaster White Chocolate Egg Set Fleaster White Chocolate Egg Set White Chocolate Egg BootsWhite Chocolate Egg CapeWhite Chocolate Egg EpaulettesWhite Chocolate Egg BreastplateWhite Chocolate Egg Helmet Lvl 1
Fleaster Dark Chocolate Egg Set Fleaster Dark Chocolate Egg Set Black Chocolate Egg BootsBlack Chocolate Egg CapeBlack Chocolate Egg EpaulettesBlack Chocolate Egg BreastplateBlack Chocolate Egg Helmet Lvl 1
Melk Chocolate Set Melk Chocolate Set Melk Chocolate HeadgearMelk Chocolate CapeMelk Chocolate BreastplateMelk Chocolate EpaulettesMelk Chocolate Boots Lvl 1
Survivor Set Survivor Set Bandage Boots Lvl 1
Shark Set Shark Set Shark StomachPelvic FinsCaudal FinPectoral FinsGildelm Lvl 1
Deuldeu Set Deuldeu Set Deuldeu CloakDeuldeu HelmetDeuldeu BootsDeuldeu Breastplate Lvl 1
Black Iop Set Black Iop Set Black Iop BootsBlack Iop EpaulettesBlack Iop HelmetBlack Iop Cape Lvl 1
Vampire Set Vampire Set Vampire BootsVampire EpaulettesVampire DiademVampire Cape Lvl 1
Rockay Chocolate Set Rockay Chocolate Set Rockay Chocolate EpaulettesRockay Chocolate HeadgearRockay Chocolate CapeRockay Chocolate BreastplateRockay Chocolate Boots Lvl 1
Pioneer Set Pioneer Set Pioneer EpaulettesPioneer BootsPioneer CapePioneer Hat Lvl 2
IGN Set IGN Set Prime BootsPrime VestPrime Hat Lvl 5
Incarnam Set Incarnam Set IncarnahatIncarnaringIncarnamuletIncarnastronIncarnabeltIncarnacloakExternaringExternabootsExternashoulder Pads Lvl 5
Greedovore Set Greedovore Set Greedopaulettes Lvl 6
Windy Larval Set Windy Larval Set Windy Larval BeltWindy Larval HelmetWindy LarvepaulettesWindy Larval BreastplateWindy Larval Boots Lvl 9
Krospeed Set Krospeed Set Krospeed EpaulettesKrospeed Cloak Krospeed TorsoKrospeed Helmet Lvl 10
Gobball Set Gobball Set Gobball BeltGobball AmuletGobball EpaulettesGobball BreastplateBouze Lite Yeah's RingGobball CapeGobbootsGobball Headgear Lvl 11
Natural Set Natural Set Natural EpaulettesNatural AmuletNatural BeltNatural RingNatural CapeNatural BootsNatural ArmorNatural Headband Lvl 11
Tofu Set Tofu Set Tofu BootsTofu RingTofu AmuletTofu BreastplateTofu EpaulettesTofu BeltTofu CloakHelmetofu Lvl 12
Bow Meow Set Bow Meow Set Bow Meow PawsBow Meow Tail Bow Meow Ears Lvl 12
Muddy Larval Set Muddy Larval Set Muddy LarvepaulettesMuddy Larval BreastplateMuddy Larval BeltMuddy Larval HelmetMuddy Larval Boots Lvl 12
Scrap Irony Set Scrap Irony Set Scrap BootsScrap BeltScrapaulettesScrap Armor Lvl 12
Fleaster Wodent Set Fleaster Wodent Set Fleaster Wodent RingFleaster Wodent AmuletFleaster Wodent CorsetFleaster Wodent SlippersFleaster Wodent TopFleaster Wodent Hat Lvl 15
Cawamel Wodent Set Cawamel Wodent Set Cawamel Wodent RingCawamel Wodent CorsetCawamel Wodent AmuletCawamel Wodent TopCawamel Wodent SlippersCawamel Wodent Hat Lvl 15
Shin Larva Set Shin Larva Set Shin Larva HatShin Larva CloakShin Larva BootsShin Larva BreastplateShin LarvepaulettesShin Larva Amulet Lvl 16
Moist Larval Set Moist Larval Set Moist Larval BreastplateMoist Larval BeltMoist LarvepaulettesMoist Larval HelmetMoist Larval Boots Lvl 16
Royal Gobball Set Royal Gobball Set Royal Gobball BreastplateRoyal Gobball BootsRoyal Gobball EpaulettesRoyal Gobball HelmetRoyal Gobball AmuletRoyal Gobball Cape Lvl 17
Royal Tofu Set Royal Tofu Set Royal Tofu EpaulettesRoyal Tofu BeltRoyal Tofu BootsRoyal Tofu AmuletRoyal Tofu CloakRoyal Tofu Helmet Lvl 18
Novice Hero Set Novice Hero Set Novice Hero BreastplateNovice Hero EpaulettesNovice Hero BeltNovice Hero HelmNovice Hero CapeNovice Hero BootsNovice Hero RingNovice Hero Amulet Lvl 18
Godfather Set Godfather Set Godfather HatGodfather ShoesGodfather CloakGodfather Jacket Lvl 18
Imperial Gobball Set Imperial Gobball Set Imperial Gobball RingImperial Gobball HelmetImperial Gobball EpaulettesImperial Gobball Breastplate Lvl 20
Imperial Tofu Set Imperial Tofu Set Imperial Tofu CloakImperial Tofu BootsImperial Tofu BeltImperial Tofu Amulet Lvl 20
Tofulix Set Tofulix Set Helvy's EpaulettesThe SwordexThe Levy LupWakfu Headgear Lvl 20
Imperial Shin Larva Set Imperial Shin Larva Set Imperial Shin Larva CloakImperial Shin Larva AmuletImperial Shin Larva BreastplateImperial Shin Larva BootsImperial Shin Larva EpaulettesImperial Shin Larva Hat Lvl 20
Gobbowler Set Gobbowler Set Gobbowler BreastplateGobbowler BootsGobbowler Epaulettes Lvl 21
Half-Hero Set Half-Hero Set Half-Hero BreastplateHalf-Hero EpaulettesHalf-Hero BeltHalf-Hero HelmetHalf-Hero CloakHalf-Hero BootsHalf-Hero RingHalf-Hero Amulet Lvl 23
Adventurer Set Adventurer Set Adventurer CloakAdventurer BootsAdventurer BeltAdventure AmuletAdventurer HelmetAdventure Ring Lvl 24
Blue Piwi Set Blue Piwi Set Blue GooguletBlue CapiwinBlue Piwi BeltBlue Piwi Claw SlippersBlue Piwat Lvl 24
Destiny Set Destiny Set Headgear of DestinyBreastplate of DestinyEpaulettes of DestinyBoots of DestinyBelt of Destiny Lvl 24
Respite Set Respite Set Belt of RespiteAmulet of RespiteHat of RespiteEpaulettes of Respite Lvl 27
Red Piwi Set Red Piwi Set Red PiwatRed Piwi BeltRed CapiwinRed Piwi Claw SlippersRed Googulet Lvl 27
Hardened Hero Set Hardened Hero Set Hardened Hero BreastplateHardened Hero EpaulettesHardened Hero BeltHardened Hero HelmHardened Hero CapeHardened Hero BootsHardened Hero RingHardened Hero Amulet Lvl 28
Vegetal Set Vegetal Set Vegebelt Lvl 30
Truffle Set Truffle Set Truffelt Lvl 30
Snap Set Snap Set Snapstrap Lvl 30
Royal Piwi Set Royal Piwi Set Royal Piwi HatRoyal Piwi SlippersRoyal CapiwinRoyal Piwi BeltRoyal Piwi Amulet Lvl 32
Trouble Set Trouble Set Breastplate of TroubleHat of TroubleCloak of TroubleBoots of TroubleRing of Trouble Lvl 32
Green Piwi Set Green Piwi Set Green Piwi BeltGreen PiwatGreen GooguletGreen Piwi Claw SlippersGreen Capiwin Lvl 32
Purple Piwi Set Purple Piwi Set Purple GooguletPurple Piwi BeltPurple CapiwinPurple PiwatPurple Piwi Claw Slippers Lvl 34
Zora Set Zora Set Zora's TunicZora's GloveZora's AmuletZora's HelmetZora's CloakZora's Boots Lvl 34
Snapper Set Snapper Set Amulet dia Reya Lvl 36
Tough Hero Set Tough Hero Set Tough Hero BreastplateTough Hero EpaulettesTough Hero BeltTough Hero HelmTough Hero CapeTough Hero BootsTough Hero RingTough Hero Amulet Lvl 36
Kapow Set Kapow Set Kapow RingKapow ThongsKapow BeltKapow BreastplateKapow Helmet Lvl 39
Mushdskito Set Mushdskito Set Moskito Amulet Lvl 39
Lil Challenger Set Lil Challenger Set Lil Challenger CloakLil Challenger BeltLil Challenger BootsLil Challenger Mask Lvl 40
Bum Set Bum Set Bum BreastplateBum BootsBum Cloak Lvl 42
Crackler Set Crackler Set Crackly BootsCrackly RingCrackly EpaulettesCrackly Helmet Lvl 47
Carnivore Set Carnivore Set Carnivore AmuletCarnivore BreastplateCarnivore EpaulettesCarnivore CapeCarnivore HatCarnivore Ring Lvl 48
Cristalline Set Cristalline Set BootlesWameuPhilosopher EpaulettesResurrected Cape Lvl 48
Stone Cold Set Stone Cold Set Stone Cold BootsStone Cold HelmetStone Cold CloakStone Cold RingStone Cold Breastplate Lvl 48
Magmacrak Set Magmacrak Set Magmacrak BootsMagmacrak BreastplateMagmacrak CloakMagmacrak Ring Lvl 48
Alpha Predator Set Alpha Predator Set Alpha Predator AmuletAlpha Predator RingAlpha Predator BeltAlpha Predator Helmet Lvl 49
Krolevel Set Krolevel Set Krolevel EpaulettesKrolevel CloakKrolevel TorsoKrolevel Helmet Lvl 50
Tenacious Hero Set Tenacious Hero Set Tenacious Hero BreastplateTenacious Hero EpaulettesTenacious Hero BeltTenacious Hero HelmTenacious Hero CapeTenacious Hero BootsTenacious Hero RingTenacious Hero Amulet Lvl 51
Justice Set Justice Set Justice BreastplateJustice Epaulettes Lvl 51
Selachii Set Selachii Set FinsScalpachiiThe SharkapeSelachii Ring Lvl 55
Mollusky Set Mollusky Set The MussamuletWadersMollusky BreastplateClammy Epaulettes Lvl 56
Wild Gobball Set Wild Gobball Set Woolly Boots Lvl 58
Wild Gobball Boss Set Wild Gobball Boss Set Great Wild Gobball Ring Great Wild Gobball Cape Great Wild Gobball Amulet Lvl 62
Exotic Set Exotic Set Exotic RingExotic LoinclothExotic CloakExotic EpaulettesExotic Headgear Lvl 62
Kralaboss Set Kralaboss Set KralapaceMollusky MiterAcey DeeceyTiffaring Lvl 62
Ancestral Treechnid Set Ancestral Treechnid Set Ancestral Treechnid Boots Lvl 62
Dark Hurl Set Dark Hurl Set EphurlettesHurling CloakHurlplateHurl BeltHurlmet Lvl 62
Bwork Set Bwork Set Patched Bwork BreastplateGreasy Bwork HelmetBrown Bwork CapeSeeping Bwork Boots Lvl 62
Admihurl Set Admihurl Set Admiral EphurlettesAdmiral HurlplateAdmiral Hurl BeltAdmiral Hurlmet Lvl 63
Deckhand Set Deckhand Set Deckhand RingDeckhand BeltDeckhand BootsDeckhand Torso Lvl 64
Wild Gobball Set Wild Gobball Set Wild Gobball EpaulettesWild Gobball RingWild Gobball BreastplateWild Gobball Helmet Lvl 64
Thork Set Thork Set Thork EpaulettesThork BreastplateThork BeltThork Amulet Lvl 64
Wounded Set Wounded Set Wounded CloakWounded HeadgearWounded EpaulettesPredators Lvl 65
Elite Riktus Set Elite Riktus Set Elite Riktus BootsElite Riktus Cloak Lvl 65
Kama Set Kama Set Kama HatKama BeltKamailles' CoatKamamulet Lvl 67
Hoodfella Set Hoodfella Set Hoodfella Boots Lvl 74
Boowolf Set Boowolf Set Boowish EpaulettesBoowish BootsBoowish HatBoowish Belt Lvl 77
Crobak Set Crobak Set Crobak RingCrobootsCrobeltCrobak Breastplate Lvl 77
Arachnoshima Set Arachnoshima Set Plutoni HelmPlatoniumBoatox BootsThe PhosphorescentFluo RingToxy Cloak Lvl 77
Lunar Set Lunar Set LunaringLunar BootsLunar CloakLunar BreastplateLunar Amulet Lvl 78
Noke Set Noke Set Noke's Mask Noke's Talisman Noke's BootsNoke's Cloak Lvl 78
Ratical Set Ratical Set Ratical CloakRatical HeadgearRatical BootsRatical RingRatical Breastplate Lvl 78
Grand Orrok Set Grand Orrok Set Grand Orrok's AmuletGrand Orrok PlumageGrand Orrok TotemGrand Orrok Loincloth Lvl 78
Starry Set Starry Set Starry HatStarry Boots Starry RingStarry BreastplateStarry Cloak Lvl 78