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Name Type Level
Durable Plank Durable Plank Lumberjack's Refinements Lvl 125
Durable Orb Durable Orb Handyman Components Lvl 125
Durable Oil Durable Oil Baker Components Lvl 125
Durable Leather Durable Leather Leather Dealer Components Lvl 125
Durable Handle Durable Handle Weapons Master Components Lvl 125
Durable Gem Durable Gem Jeweler Components Lvl 125
Durable Flour Durable Flour Farmer's Refinements Lvl 125
Durable Fiber Durable Fiber Tailor Components Lvl 125
Durable Essence Durable Essence Trapper's Refinements Lvl 125
Durable Bracket Durable Bracket Handyman Components Lvl 125
Drheller Leather Drheller Leather Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 125
Chili Seed Chili Seed Farmer's Harvests Lvl 125
Chaos Chili Chaos Chili Farmer's Harvests Lvl 125
Bramble Wood Bramble Wood Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 125
Bramble Cutting Bramble Cutting Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 125
Blackspore Strip Blackspore Strip Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 125
Blackberries Blackberries Farmer's Harvests Lvl 125
Albino Salamander Albino Salamander Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 125
Wuby Fabwic Wuby Fabwic Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 120
Water of Life Water of Life Trapper's Harvests Lvl 120
Sweat Jute Fiber Sweat Jute Fiber Farmer's Harvests Lvl 120
Silver Ore Silver Ore Miner's Harvests Lvl 120
Shiny Silver Ore Shiny Silver Ore Miner's Harvests Lvl 120
Poisoned Bone Poisoned Bone Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 120