1534 items matched your criteria
Name Type Level
Close-Combat Barrier Close-Combat Barrier Sublimation Scroll Lvl 1
Length Length Sublimation Scroll Lvl 1
Directives Directives Sublimation Scroll Lvl 1
Yeah Yeah Sublimation Scroll Lvl 1
Divine Transmutation Divine Transmutation Transmutations Lvl 1
Secret of Life Secret of Life Sublimation Scroll Lvl 1
Zoth Warrior Helmet Fragment Zoth Warrior Helmet Fragment Relic Fragments Lvl 1
Outrage Outrage Sublimation Scroll Lvl 1
Breaded Fish Breaded Fish Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 1
Piece of Pumpkwin Piece of Pumpkwin Monster Resources Lvl 1
Crystalline Iron Ore Crystalline Iron Ore Miner's Harvests Lvl 1
Shallot Shallot Miscellaneous resources Lvl 1
Smithmagic Hammer Smithmagic Hammer Smithhammers Lvl 1
Guildalogem Guildalogem Miscellaneous resources Lvl 1
8 Kamas 8 Kamas Kamas Lvl 1
168 Kamas 168 Kamas Kamas Lvl 1
Harry Boots Fragments Harry Boots Fragments Relic Fragments Lvl 1
Flaxhid Talisman Fragment Flaxhid Talisman Fragment Relic Fragments Lvl 1
Reincarnated Breaded Fish Reincarnated Breaded Fish Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 1
Eternal Transmutation Eternal Transmutation Transmutations Lvl 1
"Suxxors on the Beach" Blueprint "Suxxors on the Beach" Blueprint Recipes Lvl 1
Fright Saber Fright Saber Recipes Lvl 1
"Lily Hammer" Blueprint "Lily Hammer" Blueprint Recipes Lvl 1
"Nomad Cape" Blueprint "Nomad Cape" Blueprint Recipes Lvl 1