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1193 items matched your criteria
Name Type Level
Robowl Feather Robowl Feather Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 170
Exquisite Spice Exquisite Spice Chef Components Lvl 170
Exquisite Fiber Exquisite Fiber Tailor Components Lvl 170
Exquisite Handle Exquisite Handle Weapons Master Components Lvl 170
Exquisite Plate Exquisite Plate Armorer Components Lvl 170
Poisonous Leaf Poisonous Leaf Trapper's Harvests Lvl 170
Exquisite Orb Exquisite Orb Handyman Components Lvl 170
Exquisite Oil Exquisite Oil Baker Components Lvl 170
Dirty Loincloth Dirty Loincloth Trapper's Harvests Lvl 170
Age-Old Fragment Age-Old Fragment Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 165
Dial Hand Dial Hand Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 165
Kronos Kronos Trapper's Harvests Lvl 160
Ancestral Cog Ancestral Cog Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 160
Chains Chains Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 160
Hair Tuft Hair Tuft Trapper's Harvests Lvl 160
Kali's Henchman Blood Kali's Henchman Blood Trapper's Harvests Lvl 160
Meshed Feather Meshed Feather Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 160
Coagulated Blood Coagulated Blood Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 160
Patched Fabric Patched Fabric Trapper's Harvests Lvl 160
Cawwot Tuft Cawwot Tuft Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 155
Precious Leather Precious Leather Leather Dealer Components Lvl 155
Gaping Lock Gaping Lock Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 155
Precious Fiber Precious Fiber Tailor Components Lvl 155
Precious Bracket Precious Bracket Handyman Components Lvl 155