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83 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Bontarian Tofu Bontarian Tofu Pet
100 Healing Mastery
3% Critical Hit
Bontarian Godron Bontarian Godron Pet
30 Health Points
60 Distance Mastery
1 Control
Bontarian Bow Meow Bontarian Bow Meow Pet
60 Elemental Mastery
1 Control
Bontarian Boon Bontarian Boon Pet
60 Health Points
50 Resistance Water
Bilby Bilby Pet
40 Wisdom
Baby Schnek Baby Schnek Pet
40 Elemental Mastery
20 Wisdom
Araknomecha Araknomecha Pet
60 Health Points
50 Lock
5% Block
Arachnee Arachnee Pet
60 Health Points
6 Kit Skill
Angora Bow Meow Angora Bow Meow Pet
90 Health Points
60 Initiative
Air Krosmunster Air Krosmunster Pet
100 Mastery Air
Aboon Aboon Pet
3% Critical Hit
60 Area Mastery