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96 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Striped Bow Meow Striped Bow Meow Pets
180 HP
Dot Dot Pets
65 HP
Arachnee Arachnee Pets
60 HP
6 Kit Skill
Clawbot Clawbot Pets
30 HP
30 Elemental Mastery
15 Elemental Resistance
Scarafly Scarafly Pets
100 Mastery Fire
Ghast Ghast Pets
40 Prospecting
Croum Croum Pets
30 HP
20 Elemental Resistance
3% Critical Hit
Golden Bow Meow Golden Bow Meow Pets
30 HP
60 Mastery [20]60 Mastery Water Earth
20 Initiative
Small Pumpkind Small Pumpkind Pets
30 HP
60 Elemental Mastery
Bontarian Tofu Bontarian Tofu Pets
100 Healing Mastery
3% Critical Hit
Paunchy Boon Paunchy Boon Pets
60 HP
50 Resistance Air
Brakmarian Boon Brakmarian Boon Pets
60 HP
50 Resistance Fire
Charming Godron Charming Godron Pets
30 HP
60 Melee Mastery
50 Healing Mastery
Fighter Gemlin Fighter Gemlin Pets
50 HP
20 Melee Mastery
10 Elemental Resistance
Healer Gemlin Healer Gemlin Pets
60 HP
60 Healing Mastery
Hunter Gemlin Hunter Gemlin Pets
20 HP
20 Single Target Mastery
20 Distance Mastery
Berserker Gemlin Berserker Gemlin Pets
20 HP
20 Critical Mastery
30 Area Mastery
Gobbalroglet Gobbalroglet Pets
40 HP
30 Resistance [14]30 Resistance [16]30 Resistance Fire Earth Air
Angora Bow Meow Angora Bow Meow Pets
90 HP
60 Initiative
Tofu Tofu Pets
30 HP
60 Elemental Mastery
Moofly Moofly Pets
3% Critical Hit
40 Elemental Mastery
Snow Bow Meow Snow Bow Meow Pets
60 HP
100 Healing Mastery
YeCh'Ti'Wawa YeCh'Ti'Wawa Pets
60 HP
90 Critical Mastery
Golden Young Wild Sow Golden Young Wild Sow Pets
30 HP
60 Mastery Water
60 Mastery Air
20 Initiative