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Name Type Number of Cells Level
Coarse Handle Coarse Handle Weapons Master Components Ash Wood x5Hazel Wood x5
Piwi Hand Piwi Hand One-Handed Weapons Basic Souper-Glou x5Googoo Feather x1Gilbert Chestnut Wood x1 11
The Arvashin The Arvashin One-Handed Weapons Shin Larva Leg x4Iron Ore x20Basic Handle x5 16
Shepherd's Staff Shepherd's Staff One-Handed Weapons Gobball Wool x28Apiwood x16Basic Handle x10 16
Poke Cards Poke Cards One-Handed Weapons Gobball Seed x39Apiwood x25Basic Handle x5 16
Necrogrine Hand Necrogrine Hand One-Handed Weapons Orchid Flower x44Copper Ore x11Basic Handle x7Gobball Wool x38 16
Ibo-Nanga Mace Ibo-Nanga Mace Two-Handed Weapons Sham Pearl x7Basic Handle x5Sucked Blood x38 16
Piwi Hammer Piwi Hammer Two-Handed Weapons Gilbert Chestnut Wood x2Googoo Feather x1Royal Feather x1Basic Souper-Glou x14 15
Piwi Sword Piwi Sword One-Handed Weapons Basic Souper-Glou x5Googoo Feather x1Basic Handle x2 14
Loyalty Cards Loyalty Cards One-Handed Weapons Gobball Wool x30Basic Plank x17Finest Sea Salt x7Coarse Handle x15 13
Intkisser Club Intkisser Club Two-Handed Weapons Moonstone x1Apiwood x20Coarse Handle x10Copper Ore x10 13
Piwi Wand Piwi Wand One-Handed Weapons Basic Souper-Glou x5Francis Premier Api Wood x1Piwi Beak x12 11
Piwi Dagger Piwi Dagger Second Hand Piwi Beak x12Basic Souper-Glou x5Basic Handle x2 10
Mad Hammer Mad Hammer Two-Handed Weapons Tofu Blood x1Babezel Wood x1Coarse Souper-Glou x4
Basic Handle Basic Handle Weapons Master Components Apiwood x5Chestnut Wood x5 10
The Tail The Tail One-Handed Weapons Bow Meow Tail x1Crystalline Iron Ore x3Gobball Horn x1Powder x1 6
War Chief Axe War Chief Axe Two-Handed Weapons Babezel Wood x1Gobball Skin x10Coarse Souper-Glou x4 4
Tofu Shovel Tofu Shovel Two-Handed Weapons Jonik Ash Wood x1Tofu Pheromones x10Coarse Souper-Glou x4 4
Tofu Sword Tofu Sword One-Handed Weapons Tofu Pheromones x10Coarse Souper-Glou x4Coarse Steel x2 3
Tofu Staff Tofu Staff One-Handed Weapons Coarse Handle x2Tofu Blood x1Coarse Souper-Glou x4 3
Gobbsword Gobbsword One-Handed Weapons Gobball Horn x1Jonik Ash Wood x1Coarse Souper-Glou x4 3
Gobblette Wand Gobblette Wand One-Handed Weapons Gobball Skin x10Coarse Souper-Glou x4Coarse Handle x2 3
Gobbcards Gobbcards One-Handed Weapons Gobball Skin x10Coarse Souper-Glou x4Coarse Handle x2 3
Tofu Wand Tofu Wand One-Handed Weapons Tofu Blood x1Jonik Ash Wood x1Coarse Souper-Glou x4 1
Truffle Shovel Truffle Shovel Two-Handed Weapons Bronze Nugget x22Basic Handle x10Basic Plank x4 16