Handymen are responsible for fitting out your Haven Bags - with both display windows and decorations. You might not think those things are important, but just wait and see how much better you'll feel with a beautifully decorated home!

Name Type Number of Cells Level
Coarse Bracket Coarse Bracket Handyman Components Ash Wood x5Hazel Wood x5
Kwismas Wreath Kwismas Wreath Haven Bag Decorations Sprig of Holly x10
Small Kit Display Window Small Kit Display Window Display Windows Coarse Bracket x5Chefish x1
Campfire Campfire Haven Bag Decorations Iron Ore x5Ash Wood x5Bow Meow Hairs x5 5
Crate Crate Haven Bag Decorations Coarse Bracket x1Coarse Plank x1 5
Fountain Fountain Haven Bag Decorations Bucket o' Water x10Tofu Feather x5Coarse Bracket x1Coarse Handle x1 5
Garden Lamp Garden Lamp Haven Bag Decorations Hazel Wood x5Tofu Gizzards x2Coarse Steel x1 5
Miscellaneous Display Window Miscellaneous Display Window Display Windows Coarse Plank x10Coarse Bracket x10Chefish x2 5
Toilets Toilets Haven Bag Decorations Bucket o' Water x10Gobball Wool x5Coarse Plank x1 5
Twit-Twoo Purse Twit-Twoo Purse Haven Bag Decorations Iriss Flower x5Bow Meowcass x2Coarse Bracket x1 5
Arrow Sign Arrow Sign Trade Room Decoration Babezel Wood x1Gobball Horn x1Gobball Wool x5Coarse Bracket x2 8
Sales Sign Sales Sign Trade Room Decoration Royal Tofu Feather x1Golden Wheat Grain x1Tofu Feather x5Coarse Plank x2 8
Basic Bracket Basic Bracket Handyman Components Apiwood x5Chestnut Wood x5 10
Consumables Display Window Consumables Display Window Display Windows Chefish x3Coarse Steel x2Basic Plank x30 10
Enchantment Box Enchantment Box Bags Basic Bracket x10 10
Farmer Box Farmer Box Bags Basic Flour x5Basic Bracket x5 10
Fisherman Box Fisherman Box Bags Basic Tiramisoup x5Basic Bracket x5 10
Herbalist Box Herbalist Box Bags Basic String x5Basic Bracket x5 10
Lumberjack Box Lumberjack Box Bags Basic Plank x5Basic Bracket x5 10
Miner Box Miner Box Bags Basic Steel x5Basic Bracket x5 10
Small Armory Small Armory Crafting Machines Basic Souper-Glou x10Glistening Thistle x1Francis Premier Api Wood x1Coarse Souper-Glou x10Basic Plate x5Coarse Plate x5 10
Small Bread Oven Small Bread Oven Crafting Machines Basic Souper-Glou x10Coarse Souper-Glou x10Stingy Bulb x1Basic Oil x5Coarse Oil x5Amakna Truffle x1 10
Small Distillery Small Distillery Crafting Machines Basic Souper-Glou x10Sentimental Flower x1O'liwood Mint x1Coarse Souper-Glou x10Basic String x5Coarse String x5 10
Small Fisherman's Workshop Small Fisherman's Workshop Crafting Machines Basic Tiramisoup x5Reincarnated Breaded Fish x1Coarse Tiramisoup x5Golden Sturgeon x1Basic Souper-Glou x10Coarse Souper-Glou x10 10
Small Leather Dealer's Workshop Small Leather Dealer's Workshop Crafting Machines Basic Souper-Glou x10Reincarnated Breaded Fish x1Coarse Souper-Glou x10Basic Leather x5Coarse Leather x5Difficult Anchovy x1 10