Armorers fashion armor, that is: breastplates, epaulettes and shields. If you're planning on going into battle, you're going to need their help. One piece of advice: remember to check the quality BEFORE getting hit...

Name Type Number of cells Level
Armorer Components Iron Ore x5Finest Sea Salt x5
Second Hand Coarse Souper-Glou x4Crystalline Iron Ore x1Gobball Skin x10
Second Hand Coarse Souper-Glou x4Verbala Salt x1Tofu Pheromones x10 2
Breastplate Coarse Souper-Glou x4Larva Skin x10Coarse Plate x2 3
Epaulettes Coarse Souper-Glou x4Nutellarva Skin x1Coarse Plate x2 4
Epaulettes Tofu Blood x1Royal Tofu Feather x1Coarse Plate x5Coarse Souper-Glou x12 7
Breastplate Coarse Souper-Glou x12Crystalline Iron Ore x2Nutellarva Skin x1Shin Larva Leg x1 8
Epaulettes Coarse Souper-Glou x12Verbala Salt x2Gobball Horn x1Royal Wool x1 9
Breastplate Coarse Steel x5Gobball Skin x10Royal Wool x1Coarse Souper-Glou x12 9
Epaulettes Coarse Essence x5Larva Skin x10Shin Larva Leg x1Coarse Souper-Glou x12 9
Epaulettes Coarse Souper-Glou x12Verbala Salt x2Tofu Pheromones x10Royal Tofu Feather x1 9
Armorer Components Classic Coal x5Copper Ore x5 10
Breastplate Basic Souper-Glou x5Basic Plate x2Branchileg x12Tofu Feather x5 10
Second Hand Basic Souper-Glou x5Basic Plate x2Tofire Skin x1 10
Breastplate Basic Souper-Glou x5Trombone Ore x1Piwi Beak x12 14
Second Hand Basic Plate x7Snout x35Basic Plank x4Copper Ore x13Basic Steel x4 16
Second Hand Basic Souper-Glou x14Burning Coal x2Bone Powder x12Morfor Horn x1 16
Epaulettes Basic Souper-Glou x14Basic Plate x6Tofire Skin x1Morfor Horn x1 17
Breastplate Basic Souper-Glou x14Basic Steel x6Googoo Feather x1Royal Feather x1 19
Breastplate Iron Ore x21Sham Pearl x3Basic Plate x5Copper Ore x10 20
Epaulettes Imperfect Plate x12Bronze Nugget x10Polished Ruby x1Imperfect String x7 20
Armorer Components Shadowy Cobalt x5Bronze Nugget x5 20
Second Hand Basic Plank x5Basic Steel x5Basic Plate x5Intemporal Dust x10 23
Breastplate Basic Plate x7Basic Oil x4Toad Slobber x51Reinette Hairs x21 23
Breastplate Basic Plate x12Basic Tiramisoup x8Polished Moonstone x1Larva Brain x16Rugged Quartz x12 23
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