Armed with fishing rods, Fishermen can most often be found on the banks of the sea, lakes and rivers trying to catch fish... or, sometimes, underwater treasure! They can also make hooks that they use to catch specific types of fish.

Name Production Level
Shoal of Breaded Fish Shoal of Breaded Fish Reincarnated Breaded FishBreaded FishChefish 0
Little Fish Little Fish Moonfish 60
Shoal of Sea Boowolves Shoal of Sea Boowolves ChefishSea BoowolfPond Boowolf 105
Vandame Vandame VandameChefishJo-Chlo Vandam 100
Hammer Shark Hammer Shark Hammer SharkChefishHammer-Sickle Shark 95
Shoal of Troutuna Shoal of Troutuna TroutunaChefishDiminished Troutuna 90
Shoal of Piri Pirhianas Shoal of Piri Pirhianas ChefishPiri PirhianaRuffled Pirhiana 85
Shoal of Hydawheys Shoal of Hydawheys HydawheyChefishSecret Hydawhey 80
Shoal of Scincus Shoal of Scincus ScincusChefishHermit Scincus 75
Shoal of Eels Shoal of Eels ChefishEelMeteorite Eel 70
Shoal of Chehorses Shoal of Chehorses ChefishChehorseTrumpet-Playing Chehorse 65
Shoal of Grawfish Shoal of Grawfish ChefishGrawfishRoyal Grawfish 60
Shoal of Maskerel Shoal of Maskerel ChefishMaskerelFlying Maskerel 55
Tiny Sea Fish Tiny Sea Fish Chefish 0
Shoal of Dragocarp Shoal of Dragocarp DragocarpChefishCinder Dragocarp 50
Shoal of Perch Shoal of Perch ChefishPerchWhite Perch 45
Shoal of Moonfish Shoal of Moonfish ChefishMoonfishButtfish 40
Shoal of Salamon Shoal of Salamon SalamonChefishDirty Salamon 35
Shoal of Hairy Rays Shoal of Hairy Rays Hairy RayChefishHairy Ray Volution 30
Shoal of Loots Shoal of Loots ChefishLootDull Loote 25
Shoal of Grawns Shoal of Grawns ChefishGrawnGrawnella 20
Shoal of Crabby Anchovies Shoal of Crabby Anchovies Crabby AnchovyChefishDifficult Anchovy 15
Shoal of Sturgeon Shoal of Sturgeon ChefishSturgeonGolden Sturgeon 10
Shoal of Bow Meow Fish Shoal of Bow Meow Fish Bow Meow FishChefishCuddly Bow Meow Fish 5
Shoal of Knemo Shoal of Knemo KnemoChefishClown-Knemo 110