Underground or out in the open, Miners collect metals and precious stones from all the deposits they can find.

Name Production Level
Wholesome Zinc Wholesome Zinc Wholesome ZincShiny Zinc 45
Taroudium Taroudium Polished TaroudiumTaroudium Ore 65
Sryanide Ore Sryanide Ore Acid SryanureSryanide Ore 100
Sovereign Titanium Ore Sovereign Titanium Ore Foreal TitaniumSovereign Titanium 95
Shard of Flint Shard of Flint Shard of FlintFlammable Flint 30
Shadowy Cobalt Shadowy Cobalt Shadowy CobaltDarkness Cobalt 20
Sandy Ore Sandy Ore Sandy OreRose of the Sands 75
Rugged Quartz Rugged Quartz Rugged QuartzSmoked Quartz 35
Royal Bauxite Ore Royal Bauxite Ore Imperial BauxiteRoyal Bauxite 50
Primitive Iron Primitive Iron Crystalline Iron OreIron Ore
Precious Stones Precious Stones Sham PearlCrystal StoneLalovely StonePolished CrystalLapis LalovelyEmerald StoneRuby StoneAgate StonePolished EmeraldPolished RubyPolished AgateDiamond StonePearlPolished Diamond 30
Mythwil Mythwil Mythwil OreSumptuous Mythwil Ore 85
Mercury Mercury Chrome-Plated MercuryMercury 115
Koral Koral Koral ReefKoral 60
Hazy Lead Hazy Lead Luminous Lead OreHazy Lead Ore 70
Grievous Kroomium Grievous Kroomium Grievous KroomiumFlamboyant Kroomium 40
Finest Sea Salt Finest Sea Salt Finest Sea SaltVerbala Salt 5
Double Carat Sapphire Double Carat Sapphire Dull SapphireDouble Carat Sapphire Stone 90
Dark Carbon Dark Carbon Carbon HaraDark Carbon 105
Classic Carbon Classic Carbon Classic CarbonBurning Coal 10
Bronze Nugget Bronze Nugget Bronze NuggetConsolatory Bronze 25
Bright Copper Bright Copper Copper OreTrombone Ore 15
Blood Red Amethyst Blood Red Amethyst Dragonheart AmethystBlood Red Amethyst 55
Black Gold Ore Black Gold Ore Black GoldOnyx Ore 80
Amber Amber Prehistoric AmberAmber 110