Underground or out in the open, Miners collect metals and precious stones from all the deposits they can find.

Name Type Number of Cells Level
40 kamas 40 kamas Iron Ore x1
Bomb Bomb Miner's Refinements Canoon Powder x1Iron Ore x3
Gigabomb Gigabomb Miner's Refinements James Bomb x2Rubble x20
Megabomb Megabomb Miner's Refinements Grossanto Serum x5
Coarse Steel Coarse Steel Miner's Refinements Finest Sea Salt x5Iron Ore x5 5
Sham Pearl Sham Pearl Miner's Refinements Pearl x3Bucket o' Water x2 10
150 kamas 150 kamas Copper Ore x1Iron Ore x2 15
Basic Steel Basic Steel Miner's Refinements Copper Ore x5Classic Carbon x5 15
Pick Pick Tools Finest Sea Salt x30Mimik Slobber x4 15
Gum Gum Gum Gum Miner's Refinements Classic Carbon x15 20
Polished Moonstone Polished Moonstone Miner's Refinements Moonstone x3Bucket o' Water x2 20
Imperfect Steel Imperfect Steel Miner's Refinements Bronze Nugget x5Shadowy Cobalt x5 25
240 Kamas 240 Kamas Copper Ore x2Shard of Flint x1 30
Polished Ruby Polished Ruby Miner's Refinements Ruby Stone x3Bucket o' Water x2 30
Fragile Steel Fragile Steel Miner's Refinements Rugged Quartz x5Shard of Flint x5 35
Megabomb Megabomb Miner's Refinements Canoon Powder x1Classic Carbon x3Basic Steel x1 35
330 kamas 330 kamas Shard of Flint x2Wholesome Zinc x1 45
Goldigger's Pick Goldigger's Pick Tools Coarse Steel x7Basic Steel x7Mimik Slobber x3Pick x3 45
Rustic Steel Rustic Steel Miner's Refinements Grievous Kroomium x5Wholesome Zinc x5 45
Raw Steel Raw Steel Miner's Refinements Blood Red Amethyst x5Royal Bauxite x5 55
420 kamas 420 kamas Wholesome Zinc x2Koral x1 60
Lapis Lalovely Lapis Lalovely Miner's Refinements Lalovely Stone x3Bucket o' Water x2 60
Solid Steel Solid Steel Miner's Refinements Taroudium Ore x5Koral x5 65
Polished Agate Polished Agate Miner's Refinements Agate Stone x3Bucket o' Water x2 70
510 kamas 510 kamas Koral x2Sandy Ore x1 75