Farmers harvest grains, vegetables, tree fruits and the seeds of crops that they can replant. They can grind their cereals into flour at the mill.

Name Production Level
Wheat Wheat Golden Wheat GrainWheat StrawWheat StrawWheat GrainWheat Grain
Watermelon Watermelon Abundant WatermelonWatermelonWatermelonWatermelon SeedWatermelon Seed 60
Vanilla Rice Vanilla Rice Lenald RiceVanilla RiceVanilla RiceVanilla Rice GrainVanilla Rice Grain 50
Tuberbulb Tuberbulb Stingy BulbTuberbulbTuberbulbTuberbulb SeedTuberbulb Seed 10
Sunflower Sunflower Ancestral SunflowerSunflowerSunflowerSunflower SeedSunflower Seed 95
Strawberry Strawberry Legendary StrawberryStrawberryStrawberryStrawberry SeedStrawberry Seed 100
Rye Rye Why RyeRye FiberRye FiberRye GrainRye Grain 40
Pumpkin Pumpkin PumpkinininPumpkinPumpkinPumpkin SeedPumpkin Seed 105
Palm Rod Palm Rod Golden PalmPalmPalmPalm Cane SeedPalm Cane Seed 115
Oats Oats Spectacular OatsOat StrawOat StrawOat GrainOat Grain 30
Mushray Mushray All MushrayMushrayMushrayMushray SeedMushray Seed 80
Mottled Mushroom Mottled Mushroom Not MushroomMottled MushroomMottled MushroomMottled Mushroom SeedMottled Mushroom Seed 45
Melon Melon Honey MelonMelonMelonMelon SeedMelon Seed 35
Maniok Maniok Sweet ManiokBitter ManiokBitter ManiokManiok SeedManiok Seed 110
Magic Beanstalk Magic Beanstalk 40
Jollyflower Jollyflower Jumbo JollyflowerJollyflower SeedJollyflower SeedJollyflowerJollyflower 90
Golden Makoffee Golden Makoffee Pure ArabracaGolden MakafeGolden MakafeMakoffee SeedMakoffee Seed 55
Desert Truffle Desert Truffle Flavored TruffleDesert TruffleDesert TruffleDesert Truffle SeedDesert Truffle Seed 75
Corn Corn SweetcornCornCornCorn SeedCorn Seed 65
Cawwot Plant Cawwot Plant Magic CawwotCawwotCawwotCawwot SeedCawwot Seed 20
Black Cawwot Plant Black Cawwot Plant Black WadishBlack CawwotBlack CawwotBlack Cawwot SeedBlack Cawwot Seed 85
Beans Beans Bean-yoBeansBeansBean SeedBean Seed 70
Barley Barley Almond StrawBarley StrawBarley StrawBarley GrainBarley Grain 15
Babbage Plant Babbage Plant Chillberg Island BabbageBabbageBabbageBabbage SeedBabbage Seed 25
Artichoke Artichoke Amakna TruffleArtichokeArtichokeArtichoke SeedArtichoke Seed 5