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Name Type Bonus Level
Doll Dragoturkey Skin Doll Dragoturkey Skin Mount Skins
Green Thumb Green Thumb Emotes
Applauding for Dummies Applauding for Dummies Emotes
Learn to Search Learn to Search Emotes
Atten-shun! Atten-shun! Emotes
Hot Flash Hot Flash Emotes
Call a Bow Meow Call a Bow Meow Emotes
Snowball Throw Snowball Throw Emotes
Raise your hand Raise your hand Emotes
Guild Standard Guild Standard Emotes
Be Indecisive Be Indecisive Emotes
Rogue Dance Rogue Dance Emotes
Liesin dance Liesin dance Emotes
Secret handshake Secret handshake Emotes
Play the Tuba Play the Tuba Emotes
Play the Bass Drum Play the Bass Drum Emotes
Play the Ukulele Play the Ukulele Emotes
Play the Ocarina Play the Ocarina Emotes
Beatbox Beatbox Emotes
Al Howin Dragosteed Skin Al Howin Dragosteed Skin Mount Skins
Kwismas Dragosteed Skin Kwismas Dragosteed Skin Mount Skins
Krosmoz Gobball War Chief Skin Krosmoz Gobball War Chief Skin Mount Skins
Wakfu Birthday Wakfu Birthday Emotes
Eliotrope Eliotrope Emotes