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Name Type Bonus Level
Play the Double Bass Play the Double Bass Emotes
Play the Snare Drum Play the Snare Drum Emotes
Play the Horn Play the Horn Emotes
Play the Vibes Play the Vibes Emotes
Water Bomb Water Bomb Emotes
Boowolf Pack Leader Skin Boowolf Pack Leader Skin Mount Skins
Huppermage Huppermage Emotes
Egg Throw Egg Throw Emotes
Angel Wings Angel Wings Emotes
Beatbox D Beatbox D Emotes
Unikron Dragosteed Skin Unikron Dragosteed Skin Mount Skins
Stasis Drheller Skin Stasis Drheller Skin Mount Skins
Dark Vlad Drheller Skin Dark Vlad Drheller Skin Mount Skins
Breathe Fire Breathe Fire Emotes
Cheers! Cheers! Emotes
Referee Dragosteed Skin Referee Dragosteed Skin Mount Skins
Vampyric Dragominus Skin Vampyric Dragominus Skin Mount Skins
Chaotic Bow Meow Chaotic Bow Meow Mount Skins
Prismatic Dragominus Skin Prismatic Dragominus Skin Mount Skins
Unikron Bow Meow Skin Unikron Bow Meow Skin Mount Skins
Play the Trumpet Play the Trumpet Emotes
Bamboo Nine-Milkimeter Bamboo Nine-Milkimeter Emotes
Scary Gift Scary Gift Emotes
Karne Skin Karne Skin Mount Skins