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Name Type Bonus Level
Solemn prayer Solemn prayer Emotes
Brakmarian Umbrella Brakmarian Umbrella Emotes
Fight For Your Rights! Fight For Your Rights! Emotes
Sup Sup Emotes
Sufokian Whistle Sufokian Whistle Emotes
Lvl 1
Play the Electric Guitar Play the Electric Guitar Emotes
Initiation Dance Initiation Dance Emotes
Whip Van Winkle Whip Van Winkle Emotes
Ultra Ultra Emotes
Lvl 1
The Borbat The Borbat Emotes
Lvl 1
Snowman Snowman Emotes
Lvl 1
Mika El Jacq-Son Mika El Jacq-Son Emotes
Mystery Card Mystery Card Emotes
But Do It! But Do It! Emotes
Kameha Kameha Emotes
Ogrest's Tears Ogrest's Tears Emotes
It's Raining Kamas It's Raining Kamas Emotes
Climb Mount Zinit Climb Mount Zinit Emotes
Howling Howling Emotes
Summon a pet. Summon a pet. Emotes
I am Oropo. I am Oropo. Emotes
Green Thumb Green Thumb Emotes
Applauding for Dummies Applauding for Dummies Emotes
Learn to Search Learn to Search Emotes