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Name Type Bonus Level
Play the Drums Play the Drums Emotes
Krosmo Krosmo Emotes
Lvl 1
Shilay Lyu Technique Shilay Lyu Technique Emotes
Brandish a flaming sword Brandish a flaming sword Emotes
Gobbowl Gobbowl Emotes
Cra Cra Emotes
Beatbox B Beatbox B Emotes
Surf Surf Emotes
A Wonderful Gift A Wonderful Gift Emotes
Lay an Egg Lay an Egg Emotes
Gulon Mimic Gulon Mimic Emotes
Arm Shushusion Arm Shushusion Emotes
Mummification Mummification Emotes
Dab Dab Emotes
Air Element Air Element Emotes
A Book To Flick Through A Book To Flick Through Emotes
Tears Tears Emotes
Cover Your Eyes Cover Your Eyes Emotes
Do PAPER to Win! Do PAPER to Win! Emotes
Do ROCK to Win! Do ROCK to Win! Emotes
A Tissue? A Tissue? Emotes
Rack Your Brains Rack Your Brains Emotes
Ask for help Ask for help Emotes
Heads or Tails Heads or Tails Emotes