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Name Type Bonus Level
Wail Like Ogrest Wail Like Ogrest Emotes
Play the Clarinet Play the Clarinet Emotes
Amakna Dragosteed Skin Amakna Dragosteed Skin Mount Skins
Riktus Clan Dragosteed Skin Riktus Clan Dragosteed Skin Mount Skins
Black Crow Dragoturkey Skin Black Crow Dragoturkey Skin Mount Skins
Mentor Dragosteed Skin Mentor Dragosteed Skin Mount Skins
Shushued Dragoturkey Skin Shushued Dragoturkey Skin Mount Skins
Draw a Heart Draw a Heart Emotes
Earth Element Earth Element Emotes
Terrestrial Run Terrestrial Run Secondary Running
Red with Rage Red with Rage Emotes
Fear Fear Emotes
Learning to Say No Learning to Say No Emotes
Laugh Laugh Emotes
Sitar Emote Sitar Emote Emotes
Toss a coin Toss a coin Emotes
Burp Burp Emotes
Dance Dance Emotes
The Art of Saying Yes The Art of Saying Yes Emotes
Increase your Sex Appeal Increase your Sex Appeal Emotes
Dead On Your Feet Dead On Your Feet Emotes
The Art of Booing The Art of Booing Emotes
Heads or Tails Heads or Tails Emotes
Cough Cough Emotes