290 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Blackberry Pie Blackberry Pie Food Lvl 186
Blightopardish Beer Stew Blightopardish Beer Stew Food Lvl 186
Beach Cake Beach Cake Food Lvl 171
Pandissident Terrine Pandissident Terrine Food Lvl 171
Suxxors on the Beach Suxxors on the Beach Food Lvl 170
Squirmish Grawn Chowder Squirmish Grawn Chowder Food Lvl 170
Mushroom Soup Mushroom Soup Food Lvl 170
Anticipation Potion Anticipation Potion Food
029">Aqualurgic Power (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 160
Original Meal Original Meal Food
030">Tellarian Power (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 160
Mushray Jelly Roll Mushray Jelly Roll Food Lvl 156
Hugh Thvull's Liquor Hugh Thvull's Liquor Food
028">Aircandescent Power (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 155
Wa Awcticawwot Wa Awcticawwot Food
Prospecting (Lvl. 5)
Lvl 155
Bolt Gruel Bolt Gruel Food Lvl 155
Armoured Potion Armoured Potion Food
224">General Resistance (Lvl. 30) (15 minutes)
Lvl 150
Stockless Kamabert Stockless Kamabert Food
026">Aquarian Power (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 150
Leffe Fouw Dead Leffe Fouw Dead Food
339">Omnipotence (Lvl. 40) (15 minutes)
340">Weak Resistance (Lvl. 15) (15 minutes)
Lvl 145
Cadaverous Potion Cadaverous Potion Food
339">Omnipotence (Lvl. 30) (15 minutes)
Lvl 145
Shadow-Fried Meatball Shadow-Fried Meatball Food Lvl 145
Creamed Shushu Creamed Shushu Food Lvl 141
Mr. Nugget's Peat Pie Mr. Nugget's Peat Pie Food Lvl 141
Plantala Salad Plantala Salad Food Lvl 141
Blackenewgy Juice Blackenewgy Juice Food
207">Lockjock (Lvl. 20) (15 minutes)
224">General Resistance (Lvl. 10) (15 minutes)
Lvl 138
Humble Pie Humble Pie Food Lvl 126
Secret Breadala Secret Breadala Food Lvl 126