285 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Sugary Bun Sugary Bun Food
Heal: 50
Lvl 1
Sufokia Teleportation Scroll Sufokia Teleportation Scroll Consumables
Lvl 1
Sufokia Root Beer Sufokia Root Beer Food
Lvl 1
Stockless Kamabert Stockless Kamabert Food
026">Aquarian Power (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 150
Stewabbaise Stewabbaise Food
218">General Power (Lvl. 18) (15 minutes)
Lvl 55
Srambad Bread Srambad Bread Food
Heal: 500
Lvl 1
Squirmish Grawn Chowder Squirmish Grawn Chowder Food Lvl 170
Sporey Cocktail Sporey Cocktail Food
212">Critical (Lvl. 5) (15 minutes)
206">Initiator (Lvl. 30) (15 minutes)
Lvl 120
Snout Soup Snout Soup Food
219">Earthy Resistance (Lvl. 8) (15 minutes)
Lvl 20
Small Bun Small Bun Food
Heal: 150
Lvl 1
Slimsis Heart Slimsis Heart Food
555">Critical Power (Lvl. 33) (15 minutes)
Lvl 100
Slimsis Flesh Slimsis Flesh Food
Punisher (Lvl. 33) (15 minutes)
Lvl 100
Slime Ray with Herbs Slime Ray with Herbs Food
224">General Resistance (Lvl. 15) (15 minutes)
Lvl 45
Sinister Mussels Sinister Mussels Food
217">Aerial Power (Lvl. 15) (15 minutes)
Lvl 40
Shepherd's Pie Shepherd's Pie Food
For 1 fight
at start of turn:
- Heal: 5% of HP max of the target (15 turns)
Lvl 60
Shadow-Fried Meatball Shadow-Fried Meatball Food Lvl 145
Sex and Appearance Change Sex and Appearance Change Consumables
Lvl 1
See-Food Pie a la Sufokia See-Food Pie a la Sufokia Food
208">Dodger (Lvl. 30) (15 minutes)
Lvl 50
Secret Breadala Secret Breadala Food Lvl 126
Scroll of Absolution Scroll of Absolution Consumables
Lvl 1
Scroll of Absolute Absolution Scroll of Absolute Absolution Consumables
Lvl 1
Scratchings Scratchings Food
208">Dodger (Lvl. 12) (15 minutes)
Lvl 25
Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs Food
206">Initiator (Lvl. 60) (15 minutes)
Lvl 90
Sandwich Bread Sandwich Bread Food
Heal: 50
Lvl 1