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751 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Archaeologist's Potion Archaeologist's Potion Food
216">Vitality (Lvl. 10) (15 minutes)
Lvl 5
Armoured Potion Armoured Potion Food
224">General Resistance (Lvl. 30) (15 minutes)
Lvl 150
Artichoke Chips Artichoke Chips Food
210">Incandescent Power (Lvl. 10) (15 minutes)
Lvl 20
Bag of Bretzels Bag of Bretzels Food
10 Health Points
Fights remaining: 5 (Stackable)
Lvl 1
Beach Cake Beach Cake Food Lvl 171
Beginner Bread Beginner Bread Food
Heals 25 HP
Lvl 1
Big Candy of Fortune Big Candy of Fortune Food
Prospecting (Lvl. 100)
Lvl 1
Bilbiza Iced Coffee Bilbiza Iced Coffee Food
208">Dodger (Lvl. 40) (15 minutes)
Lvl 95
Blackberry Pie Blackberry Pie Food Lvl 186
Black Bwead Black Bwead Food
Heals 450 HP
Lvl 1
Black Cawwot Juice Black Cawwot Juice Food
Punisher (Lvl. 10) (15 minutes)
Lvl 120
Blackenewgy Juice Blackenewgy Juice Food
207">Lockjock (Lvl. 20) (15 minutes)
224">General Resistance (Lvl. 10) (15 minutes)
Lvl 138
Blonde Loaf Blonde Loaf Food
Heals 375 HP
Lvl 1
Bloody Gobball Steak Bloody Gobball Steak Food
209">Earthly Power (Lvl. 20) (15 minutes)
Lvl 55
Board Bread Board Bread Food
Heals 600 HP
Lvl 1
Bolaglo Bolaglo Food
207">Lockjock (Lvl. 45) (15 minutes)
Lvl 120
Bolt Gruel Bolt Gruel Food Lvl 155
Bontarian Tiramisoup Bontarian Tiramisoup Food
206">Initiator (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Lvl 50
Bottle of Rum Bottle of Rum Food
821">Rumbunctious (Lvl. 1) (1 fight)
Lvl 50
Bow Meow Paté Bow Meow Paté Food Lvl 5
Brakmarian Stohlen Brakmarian Stohlen Food
207">Lockjock (Lvl. 30) (15 minutes)
Lvl 50
Breadala Breadala Food
Heals 400 HP
Lvl 1
Breaded Gobball Stew Breaded Gobball Stew Food
221">Aquatic Resistance (Lvl. 15) (15 minutes)
Lvl 5
Breaded Piwipette Breaded Piwipette Food
Heals 95 HP
Lvl 1