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404 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Anticipation Potion Anticipation Potion Food
029">Aqualurgic Power (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 160
Hugh Thvull's Liquor Hugh Thvull's Liquor Food
028">Aircandescent Power (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 155
Tar Tar Tart Tar Tar Tart Food
206">Initiator (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Lvl 85
Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs Food
206">Initiator (Lvl. 60) (15 minutes)
Lvl 90
Beach Cake Beach Cake Food Lvl 171
Blackberry Pie Blackberry Pie Food Lvl 186
Grilled Arachnee Legs Grilled Arachnee Legs Food
206">Initiator (Lvl. 12) (15 minutes)
Lvl 30
Painstry Painstry Food Lvl 36
Felch Bread Felch Bread Food Lvl 51
Golden Bun Golden Bun Food Lvl 55
Brakmar Root Beer Brakmar Root Beer Food
Lvl 1
Filet Moognon Filet Moognon Food
206">Initiator (Lvl. 12) (15 minutes)
Lvl 25
Veh Cheese Veh Cheese Food Lvl 20
Apisauce Apisauce Food
20 HP
Fights left: 5 (Stackable)
Lvl 20
Toffee Toffee Food
209">Earthly Power (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Lvl 1
Quirkish Delight Quirkish Delight Food
210">Incandescent Power (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Lvl 1
Chocolate Scara Chocolate Scara Food
210">Incandescent Power (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Lvl 1
Chocolate Tofu Chocolate Tofu Food
217">Aerial Power (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Lvl 1
Hot Cross Gobb Hot Cross Gobb Food Lvl 66
Foie Gras Foie Gras Food
217">Aerial Power (Lvl. 10) (15 minutes)
Lvl 20
Powerkraut Powerkraut Food
219">Earthy Resistance (Lvl. 40) (15 minutes)
Lvl 90
Monk Bread Monk Bread Food Lvl 96
Rat Tatouille Rat Tatouille Food
211">Rampart (Lvl. 4) (15 minutes)
Lvl 70
Knocchi Knocchi Food
For 1 fight:
- Steals 10% of Damage inflicted (10 turns)
Lvl 70