290 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Quaquack Cookie Quaquack Cookie Food
Wisdom (Lvl. 40)
Lvl 1
Love Candy Api Love Candy Api Food
Wisdom (Lvl. 15)
Lvl 1
Little Wisdom Candy Little Wisdom Candy Food
Wisdom (Lvl. 30)
Lvl 1
Wisdom Candy Wisdom Candy Food
Wisdom (Lvl. 70)
Lvl 1
Experience Potion Experience Potion Food
+50% experience at the end of the fight
Length: (02 hours)
Lvl 1
Thistle Broth Thistle Broth Food Lvl 1
Piwibread Piwibread Food
20 HP
Fights left: 5 (Stackable)
Lvl 20
Crummon Crummon Food Lvl 51
Creamed Shushu Creamed Shushu Food Lvl 141
Slime Ray with Herbs Slime Ray with Herbs Food
224">General Resistance (Lvl. 15) (15 minutes)
Lvl 45
Salamon à la Cwème Salamon à la Cwème Food
210">Incandescent Power (Lvl. 15) (15 minutes)
Lvl 40
Amakna Root Beer Amakna Root Beer Food
Lvl 1
Stewabbaise Stewabbaise Food
218">General Power (Lvl. 18) (15 minutes)
Lvl 55
Bonta Root Beer Bonta Root Beer Food
Lvl 1
Api Stuffed Rump Api Stuffed Rump Food
212">Critical (Lvl. 2) (15 minutes)
Lvl 40
Tortikuri-Kuri Tortikuri-Kuri Food
211">Rampart (Lvl. 2) (15 minutes)
Lvl 50
Astrub Root Beer Astrub Root Beer Food
Lvl 1
Pink Sugar Heart Pink Sugar Heart Food
213">Aquatic Power (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Lvl 1
Kokosoda Kokosoda Food
224">General Resistance (Lvl. 12) (15 minutes)
Lvl 30
Breath of Resurrection Breath of Resurrection Food
216">Vitality (Lvl. 90) (15 minutes)
Lvl 85
Grilled Cashew Nuts Grilled Cashew Nuts Food
208">Dodger (Lvl. 60) (15 minutes)
Lvl 90
Slimsis Flesh Slimsis Flesh Food
Punisher (Lvl. 33) (15 minutes)
Lvl 100
Archaosologist's Potion Archaosologist's Potion Food
216">Vitality (Lvl. 10) (15 minutes)
Lvl 5
Mushray Jelly Roll Mushray Jelly Roll Food Lvl 156