Iop's Heart
Difficulty :
Go-getting Warriors

Iops are courageous knights who let their weapons do the talking. If they knew what proverbs were, their favorite would definitely be "Act before you think." Unfortunately, the size of their brains is inversely proportional to the size of their swords... Still, Iops are great protectors who are always appreciated in groups. Plus, they have such beautiful hair!
roles Specialty Damage Tank
Specialty spells
JumpDefensive StanceBravery StandardFocusHour of GloryIncrease
VirilityAuthorityShow OffLocking ProKing of the HillCompulsionFurious ChargeSeismic RiftBraveryTormentor
Hour of Glory 1

Hour of Glory

This spell can store the Iop's Power when it is at its height. The second time the spell is used, the Iop recovers their Power in the form of an increased damage bonus.

Normal effects

On first casting:
- Stores all Power
- Power can no longer increase
- Cooldown time drops by 1
The second casting costs 3 AP
On second casting, releases the stored Power:
- 1% damage inflicted per 5 lvls. (2 turns)
- Power can increase again


In the state "Power" to Lev.50 at least