Ecaflip's Coin
Difficulty :
Warrior Gamblers

Ecaflips are compulsive gamblers who jump headlong into risky situations just for the thrill of it! Oh, and contrary to what you might have heard, they don't always land on their feet... Not that they care, as long as the adrenaline keeps pumping! So, ready to up the ante?
roles Damage Control Heals
Specialty spells
Double or QuitsFeline LeapBlack Bow MeowLife TokenCat TreeClubs
Ecaflip's TarotEcaflip DieEcaflip PrecisionFlealine ArmyPaws OffHot PotatoGraceful FelineTranceHeads, I win; tails, you lose!
Clubs 1

Clubs 2 1 1 - 7

This spell can help an ally by granting various bonuses or weaken an enemy by making them more vulnerable.

Normal effects

Cast on an ally:
- Pushes adjacent targets by 3 cells
- 2 MP (2 turns)
- 20% Critical Hit (2 turns)
Cast on enemy:
- Consumes Lucky Day
-4 Elemental Resistance per level of Lucky Day