Xelor's Sandglass
Difficulty :
Time Magi

Xelors love using their tick-tock tactics to play with time. Fascinated with clockwork mechanisms of all kinds, they can't bear to see a single second slip through their fingers... or a single enemy! Here's a tip: if you see them fiddling with their clock hands, run for your life, or the bell will soon be tolling for you...
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roles Damage Preventing movement Positioning
Specialty spells
DevotionAgainst the ClockSinistroCogPremonitionGears
Knowledge of the PastShrivelingCombat MageMomentary PermutationSpecialized MechanismsRemanenceSlowdown of TimeDark DimensionViolent OmensCourse of TimeDéjà VuCounterclockwiseDial MasterMemoryClockmakingTock, TickTick, TockPortentTimelinessAssimilation
Premonition 1

Premonition 2 1 - 3

Gives Armor to an ally for several turns; the Armor absorbs the next attacks received. Applying the Armor costs the Xelor WP, and if they are out of WP, it is not applied. Cast on an enemy, this spell blocks the next AP or MP removal done by the target on one of the Xelor's allies.

Normal effects

Applies Premonition (3 turns)
At start of turn:
- 6% max HP as Armor, -1 WP
Applies Premonition (1 turn)
Lowers by 3 the next reduction (AP/MP)
done by the target
- 2 WP on activation