Xelor's Sandglass
Difficulty :
Time Magi

Xelors love using their tick-tock tactics to play with time. Fascinated with clockwork mechanisms of all kinds, they can't bear to see a single second slip through their fingers... or a single enemy! Here's a tip: if you see them fiddling with their clock hands, run for your life, or the bell will soon be tolling for you...
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roles Damage Preventing movement Positioning
Specialty spells
Xelor's DialTimekeeperMummificationDevotionDesynchronizationAgainst the clock
RollbackDial MasterSaveClock MasterTemporal PrismTime TheftTemporal WavesMechanics Specialist
Xelor's Dial 1

Xelor's Dial 2 1 3 - 3

The Xelor summons the showpiece of his arsenal, the Dial. Defying the laws of time, he can move around this area easily and even gains a Power bonus. If the spell is cast again, the first Dial disappears and is replaced by the new one.

Normal effects

Places a Dial:
- Has 16% of the Xelor's HP
- Only one Dial at a time
- Hour: 5% Damage inflicted
- Current Hour: 15% Damage inflicted
- The Xelor can move
from Hour to Hour for just 1 MP


Is not being carried