Enutrof's Fingers
Difficulty :
Treasure Hunters

That healthy golden glow, that warm, balmy scent, those perfect curves... No Enutrof can resist a shiny new kama! Gifted with an unfailing sense of greed, they'll move earth and sky with their shovels when there's treasure at stake, which makes them great teammates... if you can look past their bad temper and shocking hygiene.
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roles Specialty Preventing movement Damage
Specialty spells
ExcavationPhone a FrhendDebtClumsinessPrime of LifeSeismic Wealth
Treasure TrackerAdvanced GeologyNot Dead YetTrade SecretsEnutrof's BlessingEnutrof Force of WillDrhellzertankFaking ItCredit InterestGreed
Excavation 1

Excavation 1 3 - 8

Enutrofs dig up a Bronze Mine. This will evolve one time at the start of the Enutrof's turn: First it will change into a Silver Mine, then a Gold Mine, and then it will disappear. There must be at least 2 cells between each Mine.

Normal effects

Digs up a Bronze Mine
The Mine obeys the rules of Geology