The Masqueraiders
Difficulty :
Lunatic Soldier

Masqueraiders draw their powers from their masks, and can switch from reckless fighters to fugitives or full-on lunatics in a matter of seconds. We know very little about these mysterious adventurers, except that they change their masks more often than most people change their underpants. Nobody knows for sure what their motives are, but it is said they're driven by a deep desire for revenge...
roles Positioning Heals Damage
Specialty spells
Masked SpiritInspiring DanceDance of DeathAcrobaticsBrutality AuraSolidity
Support CollisionsMasked GazeArtful DodgerKeep in ContactMirrorsRegenerating CollisionsPirouetteErosionUnique ArmorCautious ProtectorBruteAnchorFancy FootworkCarnivalHealth MaskArtful LockerViolent PushesMasks OffDebuff Pushes
Inspiring Dance 1

Inspiring Dance 3 1 - 3

This spell applies a state that boosts an ally's (or the Masqueraider's) mobility and protection for two turns.

Normal effects

Inspiring Dance (state lasts 2 turns)
At start of turn:
- 2 MP (1 turn)
- 4% of target's max HP in Armor