The Rogue Ruse
Difficulty :
Masters of Illusion

With heroics, intelligence and cunning in equal measures, it's no surprise that Rogues are criminal masterminds. They're handy with bombs and are quick to blow a fuse, which explains why they tend to leave a trail of smoking craters behind them! For Rogues, trickery is a family affair, so if you dare lay a finger on one of their gang, you can bet that sparks will fly...
roles Specialty Damage Control
Specialty spells
BootPowder WallBoombotMagnetSmoke BombsRuse
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Smoke Bombs 1

Smoke Bombs 1 1 - 3

The Rogue puts a special cartridge in their weapon, giving the Rogue or an ally higher resistance to ranged damage, while also making the spell's target transparent for one turn.

Normal effects

Smoke Bombs (1 turn)
Reduces ranged damage suffered by 10%
Does not block lines of sight
Smoke Bombs (1 turn)
Reduces ranged damage inflicted by 10%
Does not block lines of sight