The Rogue Ruse
Difficulty :
Masters of Illusion

With heroics, intelligence and cunning in equal measures, it's no surprise that Rogues are criminal masterminds. They're handy with bombs and are quick to blow a fuse, which explains why they tend to leave a trail of smoking craters behind them! For Rogues, trickery is a family affair, so if you dare lay a finger on one of their gang, you can bet that sparks will fly...
roles Specialty Damage Control
Specialty spells
BootPowder WallBoombotMagnetSmoke BombsRuse
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Powder Wall 1

Powder Wall 2 1 1 - 5

A wall of powder forms between all the bombs on the field and will inflict enormous damage on anyone unfortunate enough to start their turn on it.

Normal effects

Places a Powder Wall (2 turns) between all
bombs in the same row or diagonal


For use on: Blinding Bomb
or For use on: Paralyzing Bomb
or For use on: Suffocating Bomb
In the state "Combo"(target)