Sadida's Shoe
Difficulty :
Plant Summoners

They may be nicknamed "The Tree People", but Sadidas actually venerate all forms of plant-life. When they're not declaring their unending love to flowers, they can usually be found playing with home-made dolls infused with healing or attacking powers. It's no wonder they can hold their own when danger calls - survival is in their nature!
roles Minion Support Heals
Specialty spells
The Ultra-PowerfulDolly SacrificeTreeThe VoodollSylvan AwakeningSic 'Em More
Knowledge of DollsSadida PrayerDoll LinkGreen GuardExplodollHarmless ToxinLone SadidaWild WhispersVenomousCommon Ground
Sylvan Awakening 1

Sylvan Awakening 2 1 1 - 3

The Sadida transmits the very essence of the forest to a team member, awakening the senses to the beauty of nature. This process is long and dangerous, but can restore life to an ally who falls in combat.

Normal effects

Gives 15% of the Sadida's max HP in Armor
- Awake
On a KO'd target:
- The target comes back to life (25% of max HP)
- Transforms the KO'd target into Tree
- In Recovery (Lvl. 1)