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Feca's Shield
Difficulty :

Fecas are born protectors. When a friend has entrusted them with something, you'll never get it off them - not even over their dead body! They'll fight tirelessly to keep their allies safe. Oh, and you should think twice before picking off any stray Gobballs: Fecas may not be shepherds any more, but it's still in their nature to stand guard over any vulnerable creature targeted by a vicious attacker...
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roles Tank Support Control
Specialty spells
Tonic GlyphImmunityTeleportation InversionProvocationPeace Armor
Leather PlatingElementorUntouchableFeca MasterTemporal FluxRefectionResilienceShieldAn Eye for an Eye
Peace Armor 1

Peace Armor 2 1 0 - 4

The wearer is totally immune to damage for 1 turn, but he cannot be healed as easily.

Normal effects

Peace Armor (1 turn)
Incurable (Lvl. 5) (1 turn)
Painless (4 turns)


The target must not be an enemy.
Is not being carried
Does not have the "Painless" state(target)