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Feca's Shield
Difficulty :

Fecas are born protectors. When a friend has entrusted them with something, you'll never get it off them - not even over their dead body! They'll fight tirelessly to keep their allies safe. Oh, and you should think twice before picking off any stray Gobballs: Fecas may not be shepherds any more, but it's still in their nature to stand guard over any vulnerable creature targeted by a vicious attacker...
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roles Tank Support Control
Specialty spells
Tonic GlyphImmunityTeleportation InversionProvocationPeace Armor
Leather PlatingElementorUntouchableFeca MasterTemporal FluxRefectionResilienceShieldAn Eye for an Eye
Teleportation 1

Teleportation 2 1 1 - 6

Teleports the Feca to the targeted cell. If a target was facing the Feca when he cast the spell, it is also teleported.

Normal effects

Teleports to the cell
If is on the cell in front of the Feca:
- teleported in front of the destination cell


Is not being carried