4584 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Arpagonasses Arpagonasses Helmet
Clawed Paws Clawed Paws Boots
Emawlettes Emawlettes Epaulettes
Fanged Breastplate Fanged Breastplate Breastplate
Heavenly Halo Heavenly Halo Helmet
Iron-Plated Claws Iron-Plated Claws Boots
Makabrakfire Ring Makabrakfire Ring Ring
105 Health Points
Reflects 10% of damage
Makabraktion Ring Makabraktion Ring Ring
Makabraktion Ring (Lvl. 100)
Makabraspekting Ring Makabraspekting Ring Ring
105 Health Points
20 Prospecting
Makabrisdom Ring Makabrisdom Ring Ring
105 Health Points
22 Wisdom
Pack Leader Boots Pack Leader Boots Boots
Pack Leader Breastplate Pack Leader Breastplate Breastplate
Pack Leader Cloak Pack Leader Cloak Cloak
Pack Leader Helm Pack Leader Helm Helmet
Pink Flamingo Pink Flamingo Helmet
Pompom-Bun Pompom-Bun Helmet
Scarecut Scarecut Helmet
Seal of Companionship Seal of Companionship Ring
50% Harvesting Quantity in Farmer
50% Harvesting Quantity in Lumberjack
50% Harvesting Quantity in Herbalist
50% Harvesting Quantity in Miner
50% Harvesting Quantity in Trapper
50% Harvesting Quantity in Fisherman
Shoulder Fangs Shoulder Fangs Epaulettes
Azure Knight Coat Azure Knight Coat Cloak
Lvl 1
Azure Knight Greaves Azure Knight Greaves Boots
Lvl 1
Azure Knight Helm Azure Knight Helm Helmet
Lvl 1
Bandage Boots Bandage Boots Boots
10 Initiative
Lvl 1
Bandage Breastplate Bandage Breastplate Breastplate
10 Health Points
2 Wisdom
Lvl 1