4556 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Arpagonasses Arpagonasses Helmet
Clawed Paws Clawed Paws Boots
Emawlettes Emawlettes Epaulettes
Fanged Breastplate Fanged Breastplate Breastplate
Iron-Plated Claws Iron-Plated Claws Boots
Makabrakfire Ring Makabrakfire Ring Ring
105 Health Points
Reflects 10% of damage
Makabraktion Ring Makabraktion Ring Ring
Makabraktion Ring (Lvl. 100)
Makabraspekting Ring Makabraspekting Ring Ring
105 Health Points
20 Prospecting
Makabrisdom Ring Makabrisdom Ring Ring
105 Health Points
22% Wisdom
Pack Leader Boots Pack Leader Boots Boots
Pack Leader Breastplate Pack Leader Breastplate Breastplate
Pack Leader Cloak Pack Leader Cloak Cloak
Pack Leader Helm Pack Leader Helm Helmet
Pompom-Bun Pompom-Bun Helmet
Scarecut Scarecut Helmet
Seal of Companionship Seal of Companionship Ring
50% Harvesting Quantity
Shoulder Fangs Shoulder Fangs Epaulettes
Bandage Boots Bandage Boots Boots
10 Initiative
Lvl 1
Bandage Breastplate Bandage Breastplate Breastplate
10 Health Points
2% Wisdom
Lvl 1
Bandage Cloak Bandage Cloak Cloak
3 Elemental Mastery
Lvl 1
Bandage Hat Bandage Hat Helmet
5 Initiative
10 Health Points
Lvl 1
Black Iop Boots Black Iop Boots Boots
Lvl 1
Black Iop Cape Black Iop Cape Cloak
Lvl 1
Black Iop Epaulettes Black Iop Epaulettes Epaulettes
Lvl 1