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4354 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Pack Leader Breastplate Pack Leader Breastplate Breastplate
Makabrakfire Ring Makabrakfire Ring Ring
105 Health Points
Reflects 10% of damage
Pack Leader Boots Pack Leader Boots Boots
Pack Leader Cloak Pack Leader Cloak Cloak
Seal of Companionship Seal of Companionship Ring
50% Harvesting Quantity in Farmer
50% Harvesting Quantity in Lumberjack
50% Harvesting Quantity in Herbalist
50% Harvesting Quantity in Miner
50% Harvesting Quantity in Trapper
50% Harvesting Quantity in Fisherman
Makabraspekting Ring Makabraspekting Ring Ring
105 Health Points
20 Prospecting
Pack Leader Helm Pack Leader Helm Helmet
Pompom-Bun Pompom-Bun Helmet
Arpagonasses Arpagonasses Helmet
Pink Flamingo Pink Flamingo Helmet