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Bruxynha Huppermage
Nation of Brakmar
Vice-Governor :Maju Bloodfallen
Head Guard :Eyes Of Eagle
Army General :Kuurozin
Weather Engineer :Febecle Zukkoh
Treasurer :Ernest Röhm
Challenger :Raikkou
Ecologist :Edelvais Dos Drifts
Diplomatic Relations
Allies : Nation of Amakna
Enemies : Nation of Sufokia, Nation of Bonta
Current Election
Voting closes on 1970-01-03Here are the candidates for the election in Nation of Brakmar (Efrim)
Governor Popularity
Governor's Statement

Peço aos interessados em participar dos Campos de Batalha que entrem em contato comigo, pois utilizamos um servidor no Discord para traçar nossas estratégias. Queremos todos conosco!