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Sans Scrupule Sram
Nation of Sufokia
Vice-Governor :Evengecha
Head Guard :Chronobreak Kid
Army General :Esaeris
Weather Engineer :Syber Masqué
Treasurer :Kindred Eldernight
Challenger :Iniel
Ecologist :Nhaundar Maeden
Diplomatic Relations
Allies : Nation of Brakmar
Enemies : Riktus Clan, Nation of Bonta, Nation of Amakna
Current Election
Voting closes on 1970-01-03Here are the candidates for the election in Nation of Sufokia (Dathura)
Governor Popularity
Governor's Statement

Aller farmer vos kamas et laissez moi dormir !
Obs:les taxes sont á 70% , pour vendre vos equipements je vous conseille vivement de vendre á Kelba, ou alors á l'Hm ^^