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List of Governors

Governor Guild Nation Server
Pil La Force De Fairy Tail Nation of Amakna aerafal
Snoza Poussière D'Étoile Nation of Bonta aerafal
Primoxvongola The Lair Of Gods Nation of Brakmar aerafal
Tïïme-Turner La Main Rouge Nation of Sufokia aerafal
Lingxi No Money No Talk Nation of Amakna remington
Czarny-Smok Brotherhood Of Steel Nation of Bonta remington
Yosra Stormwind Nation of Brakmar remington
Piego Il Tempo Masters Of The Time Nation of Sufokia remington
Muesli We Tinker Nation of Amakna nox
Joens Honk Honk Nation of Bonta nox
Mellei The Exiled Nation of Brakmar nox
Allorah Order Of The Shu-Shu Nation of Sufokia nox
Yeray Fuerza Elite Nation of Amakna elbor
Aoguiri Grypstar Nation of Bonta elbor
Maestwo Tokki Webelion Nation of Brakmar elbor
Ganguer Gods Titans Nation of Sufokia elbor
Hagetaka Shinigami No Sekai Nation of Amakna dathura
Whabra-Ha Genesiz Nation of Bonta dathura
Pad'Time Level-One Nation of Brakmar dathura
Votez Dak Children Of Stasis Nation of Sufokia dathura
Noroso Inglorios Nation of Amakna efrim
Lord Kurosaki Salém Nation of Bonta efrim
Bruxynha Lamechester United Nation of Brakmar efrim
Shindo Unlucky Knights Nation of Sufokia efrim
Bui-Pui Immortal Shoreline Nation of Amakna phaeris
Rabbit Alan Saltatio Nation of Bonta phaeris
Drifterof Damage Drhellers Rhapsody Nation of Brakmar phaeris
Midori Perry Seraph Nation of Sufokia phaeris
Amakna Governor Mar Build One Nation of Amakna boufton
Bonta Governor Nation of Bonta boufton
Brakmar Governor Nation of Brakmar boufton
Sufokia Governor Nation of Sufokia boufton