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Governor Guild
Eca-Tyre Les Zinzins Du Krosmoz Nation of Amakna aerafal
Dizax Lost Legacy Nation of Bonta aerafal
Cadiga Miaouteam Nation of Brakmar aerafal
Evenngelline La Milice Sufokante Nation of Sufokia aerafal
Helvy-San Primal Origin Riktus Clan aerafal
Ucigo Svalinn Nation of Amakna remington
Grovy Sacred Light Nation of Bonta remington
Rori Pego Famous Nation of Brakmar remington
Ice-Red-Tea Paopaofly Nation of Sufokia remington
Canine-Unknow Phénix Riktus Clan remington
Loka Corsair Nation of Amakna nox
Lady Ninja Sincerely Nation of Bonta nox
Barinade Black Black Club Nation of Brakmar nox
Miya-Koi Valoriss Nation of Sufokia nox
Baccar Inglourious Riktus Clan nox
Zoma-Vald Zomahouse Club Nation of Amakna elbor
Proll Dark Shadow Nation of Bonta elbor
Radha Pandemonium Nation of Brakmar elbor
Nami-Seijuro Fuerza Elite Nation of Sufokia elbor
Camiloxpp Eternal Riktus Clan elbor
Hydra Snowers Noah'S Hearts Nation of Amakna dathura
Kowoshira Genesiz Nation of Bonta dathura
Ozragon The Legion Of The Templars Nation of Brakmar dathura
Kayji Mimosa Nation of Sufokia dathura
Serizawa-Tanaka Kaizoku No Mochi Riktus Clan dathura
Jeanne D'Arrc Inglorios Nation of Amakna efrim
Akyla Asgard Nation of Bonta efrim
Malzharar Lamechester United Nation of Brakmar efrim
Ty Seekaryu Corporacao Do Abismo Nation of Sufokia efrim
Lorenia Armageddon Riktus Clan efrim
Bui-Pui Immortal Shoreline Nation of Amakna phaeris
Gurupunya The Gray Memory Nation of Bonta phaeris
Daydream Nyan The Gray Memory Nation of Brakmar phaeris
The Little Uncle The Gray Memory Nation of Sufokia phaeris
Noppakhun Guardians Of The Riktus Clan Riktus Clan phaeris
Amakna Governor Mar Build One Nation of Amakna boufton
Mise Barsupilami Nation of Bonta boufton
Evily Test Kamas Nation of Brakmar boufton
Sufokia Governor Nation of Sufokia boufton