Game Rules

When you sign up for WAKFU, you agree to follow certain rules. These rules exist to maintain a friendly atmosphere and ensure that all players are comfortable in the game. Players should know that if they choose to disobey these rules, they may be sanctioned.

Here is an overview.

List of Sanctions that May Be Applied by WAKFU Support


You may receive a warning for certain infractions. The purpose of these warnings is to make players aware of the rules and notify them that they may be sanctioned if they continue to break the ToU. These messages are sent directly in the game by a moderator or by Support via email. They are considered to have been read and understood by the players.


Removing someone's right to post is one of the sanctions that moderators can apply when players do not follow WAKFU rules. This may be accompanied by a request that Support suspend the account.


Moderators can expel players from the game for a set amount of time in the most serious cases. This is generally done as a deterrent, or is accompanied by a request that Support suspend the account.

Temporary Suspension

After a suspension request, Support may decide to block your account access for several days (3, 7, 15, or 30 days). Suspension is usually used against repeat offenders, and sometimes precedes a definitive ban. The length of the suspension depends on the gravity of the infraction.

Definitive Suspension

The account is definitively closed and the player can no longer access it. This sanction is generally applied in cases of multiple infractions or unpardonable violations of WAKFU rules.

Generally speaking, multiple warnings will lead to a ban, and multiple bans will lead to definitive exclusion. However, certain infractions will be met immediately with a definitive ban.

Non-exhaustive list of the rules of good behavior that must be followed.

Account and Character Nicknames

Account, character, and guild names must comply with the following rules:

  • Be pronounceable (for example, ssdfzxjf doesn't follow this rule).
  • Must not reference a political orientation, ethnicity, community, or religion.
  • Must not be vulgar or insulting.
  • Must not have sexual or pornographic connotations.
  • Must not contain your first and/or last name.
  • Must not refer to a trademark.
  • Must not refer to drugs or other illegal substances.
  • Must not suggest or refer to practices forbidden by game rules.
  • Must not imitate the names of major components of Ankama's creations (NPCs, heroes of the story, iconic places, dungeon bosses, etc.).
  • Must not imitate the name of a moderator or a member of the company.
  • Must not be written or spelled in an alternative way in an attempt to circumvent the rules imposed here.

Lending, Sharing, Gifting, Selling/Buying Accounts

Because of various possible abuses, sharing or lending your account is not allowed. If this rule is not followed, both parties involved (loaner and loanee) may be sanctioned.

The sale, purchase, exchange, and gifting of accounts is forbidden. Accounts are the property of Ankama and, as a result, no financial profit, whether in real or virtual money, may be made from them. In addition, since each account is associated with personal information, it is unsafe to divulge that information. The original account owner always remains responsible for their character's actions.

Discussion Channels

  • "Flooding", which consists of repeating the same message many times in a short amount of time, is not allowed.
  • Each channel has its own purpose. It is forbidden to use a channel for an inappropriate purpose.
  • It is forbidden to overuse special characters, make excessive use of caps lock (write in all capital letters), or repeat a character so as to draw attention.
  • It is forbidden to advertise third-party sites in the general/recruitment/trade/politics channels, including sites relating to Ankama (in order to avoid scamming or phishing problems).


  • Organizing unauthorized lotteries that rely on the generosity of players for prizes is forbidden, as the risk of fraud or theft is too high.
  • It is forbidden to voluntarily obstruct, disturb, or impede the smooth operation of an in-game event that has been organized by Ankama, with Ankama's authorization, or by players. Any infringement may bring immediate sanctions.

Respecting Other Players

In order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere on the servers, vulgarity, insults, speech that is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or sexual in nature, and any other inappropriate comments are forbidden.
Each server is associated with one language. When using public channels, players are asked to communicate only in this language. However, you are free to use other languages in private.
Scams are prohibited. Any caught scamming by a moderator will be sanctioned immediately.
Identity theft is forbidden, whether it be the identity of a player, guild, moderator, or Ankama member, and regardless of intent (whether good or bad).
Revealing another player's personal information is prohibited, for reasons of confidentiality.
Generally speaking, it is forbidden to interfere with the smooth operation of other players' games.


  • Buying and selling accounts and guilds are forbidden.
  • Buying and selling subscriptions and Kamas are forbidden.


  • Exploiting bugs in the game is forbidden. Any anomalies must be reported to Support in the corresponding section.
  • Using third-party programs (such as "bots") is forbidden.
  • Modifying the WAKFU client is forbidden. This includes all files in the WAKFU install directory.

Moderators ensure the rules are followed in the game. They do not in any way replace Support ( Failure to follow the rules listed here will expose you to immediate and/or deferred sanctions, which may include group or individual warnings. These warnings may lead to a permanent ban of your account(s).