Game Rules

When you sign up for WAKFU, you agree to follow certain rules. These rules exist to maintain a friendly atmosphere and ensure that all players are comfortable in the game.

Every player should know that if they violate these rules, they may be sanctioned. The severity of sanctions received depends on each case and its seriousness. Here is an overview of them.



For certain offenses, a warning is given to the player to inform them of the rules and to warn them that they risk sanctions. This warning is sent directly in the game by the moderators or by email from Ankama. It does not expire and is automatically considered to have been read and understood by the player.


Removing someone's right to post is one of the sanctions that moderators can apply when players do not follow WAKFU rules. They may also issue a request to suspend (ban) the account.


Moderators may remove players from the game for an amount of time. This is generally done as a deterrent or with a request to suspend the account (ban).


The account is inaccessible for several days (3, 7, 15, or 30 days). This temporary suspension is a step that may precede a permanent ban of the account. Its duration depends on the seriousness of the infraction and whether it is a repeated offense.


The account is permanently banned from accessing WAKFU or all games and services offered by Ankama. This sanction is usually applied in cases where the player is a repeat offender or has inexcusably disregarded the Terms of Use.

The severity of the sanction depends on the seriousness of the offense. Generally speaking, a repeat offense after a warning will result in a temporary ban, and one or more bans will result in a permanent ban. However, some infractions automatically result in a permanent ban.

If you want to dispute a ban, only Ankama Support can review your request.



All account and character nicknames, guild names, and alliance names and tags must comply with the following rules:

  • Must correspond to a pronounceable word (e.g., the word "ssdfzxjf" does not respect this rule), with the exception of alliance tags
  • Must not refer to a political orientation, ethnic group, community, or religion
  • Must not be vulgar or offensive
  • Must not have a sexual or pornographic connotation
  • Must not have a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or sexist connotation
  • Must not refer to illegal or illicit practices
  • Must not advocate terrorism
  • In a broader sense, must not include any connotation incompatible with the game's PEGI classification (Pan European Game Information)
  • Must not contain your identity (first or last name) or that of another community member
  • Must not imitate a registered trademark
  • Must not refer to a narcotic product or anything prohibited by law
  • Must not suggest practices forbidden by the game rules
  • Must not imitate the names of major elements in Ankama's creations (non-player characters, heroes of the story, iconic places, dungeon bosses, etc.)
  • Must not imitate the nickname of an official account (moderator or Ankama staff member)
  • Must not be spelled alternately to circumvent the rules above

Lending accounts is prohibited because of various possible abuses (using the borrowed account to commit offenses, theft, etc.). If this rule is not followed, both parties involved (loaner and loanee) may be sanctioned.

Selling, buying, trading and giving accounts is prohibited. The accounts are the property of Ankama and, as such, no pecuniary profit, whether in real or virtual (kamas) currency, can be derived therefrom. Moreover, each account is associated with personal data, which are risky to divulge. The account's original owner remains forever responsible for their character's actions. They can be prosecuted criminally in the event of serious actions performed with their account.


Each channel has its own purpose; these are outlined below. Using channels improperly is forbidden.

  • Vicinity is used to chat with other players located near your character on the map.
  • Private is used to chat with another player via private message.
  • Game Log is used to look back at your actions, like combat information and error messages.
  • Group is used to chat with your groupmates.
  • Guild is used to chat with your guildmates.
  • Trade is used to post offers to buy or sell items and resources.
  • Politics is used by government officials to showcase their messages for nearby players.
  • PvP Area is used to chat with players on your side (attack or defense) in Battlefields.
  • ANKAMA Discussion is used to chat with your Ankama friends even if they're playing a different Ankama game.
  • Community is used to chat with people in your language community.
  • Recruitment is used to announce that you're seeking or offering a secure service (recruiting for a group, guild, or mutual aid, crafter with a secure craft, etc.).

Below are the rules for chat channels:

  • Flooding (inundating channels with several messages in a row) is not allowed.
  • Trade flooding (in the general channel) is forbidden.
  • Recruitment flooding (in the general channel) is also forbidden, except near dungeons.
  • Service requests and offers (seeking a crafter, needing help with a quest or dungeon, etc.), should be posted in the Recruitment channel.
  • Any trading of items, resources, or services done without (or only partly) using a secure exchange interface is forbidden; the risk of fraud or theft is too high. Announcing this type of trade is also forbidden (paid power levelling, mercenary services, defeat trading, etc.).
  • It is forbidden to overuse special characters, or to emphasize a message by writing in all caps or repeating a character to get attention.
  • It is forbidden to advertise third-party sites in the general/community/recruitment/trade/politics channels, including sites related to Ankama (to prevent scamming and phishing).
  • Except for international servers, each server is associated with a language based on its community. Only this language is allowed in the public channels. This rule does not apply to private channels, where you are free to speak in another language.
  • The community channel must not be used as a trade or recruitment channel.
  • The community and recruitment channels are segmented by language on the international servers (FR/EN/ES/PT). It is forbidden to use a language other than that of the associated community, or the player will be restricted to their base community.
  • Using multiple accounts to bypass the technical restrictions of the various channels (including the sending delay between two messages) or the currently defined rules is prohibited and subject to sanctions.


  • Organizing unauthorized lotteries that rely on the generosity of players for prizes is forbidden, as the risk of fraud or theft is too high.
  • It is forbidden to voluntarily obstruct, hinder, or undermine the smooth operation of an in-game event organized by Ankama, with Ankama's permission, or by players. Any infringement may lead to immediate sanctions.
  • Organizing gatherings whose sole purpose is to form a crowd is forbidden, in order to maintain server stability and the resulting game quality.


  • In order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere on the servers, polite language is required at all times. Vulgarity, insults, promoting terrorism or illegal practices, speech that is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or sexual in nature, and any other inappropriate comments are prohibited.
  • Scams are prohibited. It's never a good feeling to realize that you've been tricked or manipulated in any way. In that regard, any in-game scams directly observed by a moderator will be sanctioned.
  • Identity theft is forbidden, whether it's the identity of a player, guild, or official account, and regardless of intent (whether good or bad).
  • Revealing another player's personal information is prohibited.
  • Generally speaking, it is forbidden to interfere with the smooth operation of other players' games.


  • Buying or selling accounts or guilds is forbidden.
  • Buying or selling of character names, guild names is forbidden.
  • Buying or selling boosters or kamas is forbidden outside of the Kama Stone service.
  • Buying or selling of lottery codes is forbidden.
  • Buying or selling of goods or services outside our games in exchange for ogrines, kamas, or any other in-game item/resource is forbidden.
  • Buying or selling between servers, games, or platforms is forbidden.


  • It is illegal to abuse a game bug. Any anomaly must be reported to Support in the relevant section.
  • Using a third-party program (including so-called "bot" or "auto-clicker" programs) is forbidden, no matter how it is used.
  • Creating, using, and/or promoting an illegal private server (for a game offered by Ankama or any other publisher) is prohibited.
  • Modifying the game client is forbidden. This includes any files in the game's install directory.


  • Each player may only log in with one account at a time per server.
  • Using a proxy, VPN, virtual machine, or any other method that allows established limitations to be circumvented is forbidden.
  • On WAKFU single-account servers, buying and selling kamas outside of the Kama Stone service, as well as collaborating with a third-party sales network, are punishable by a permanent ban without warning.

Moderators ensure that rules are followed in the game. They do not in any way replace Support ( Failure to follow the rules listed here will expose you to immediate and/or deferred sanctions, which may include group or individual warnings. These

  • rnings may lead to a permanent ban of your account(s).